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June 2022 Newsletter
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Exciting news! Lieutenant Governor and US Senate candidate Mandela Barnes will be 

Wisconsin GOP Eyeing Shift in Control of Election Oversight

via US News & World Report

Doug La Follette, the 81-year-old secretary of state has been a forgotten man for four decades, stuffed into a basement office and stripped of most of his duties long ago. That is changing, however, as Republicans explore a push to shift election oversight, including certification of results, from a bipartisan election commission to La Follette’s office.

The effort is less a sign of confidence in La Follette than a move by Republicans to shift power to an office they might someday control. While Republicans say the change would make Wisconsin's chief elections officer directly accountable to voters, it is also raising concerns that it would allow the party to rally behind candidates who embrace Donald Trump's lie that the last presidential election was stolen.

That is particularly alarming to those who watched Trump's efforts to pressure election officials to improperly influence certification of the 2020 vote.

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Outagamie Action Teams: What you need to know!
Have you been hearing the word OATs tossed around quite a bit lately and wondered if we were opening a Whole Foods store or something?

We’re not. Though you could say the health of our local party and of our democracy in a larger sense is attached to the success of OATs.

What is an OAT? Quite simply it is an Outagamie Action Team, a neighborhood group that gathers to advocate for progressive issues and help elect Democratic candidates who support those issues. 

The A and the T of OAT are the critical letters. An OAT can only work if it comes together as a democratic community dedicated to doing real work. The Political Outreach Committee currently supports two OATs, one in District 6, led by Ann Muenster, and the other in Grand Chute, which is headed by Julia Squier. Many of our weekend-of-action canvassers and phone bankers are OAT members.

OATs provide the underpinnings for consistent, sustainable activism here in Outagamie County. How do they do this? By creating a community of support that is small enough that a local party member – who might otherwise feel lost in the vast DPOC universe – feels included and integral. By channeling anger and helplessness into shared purpose. By the accountability that is fostered when members of a group take responsibility for each other and themselves. And by making activism not only fun but fulfilling.

We invite you to find out more by attending a strategy session at the party office on June 1 from 6 to 8. The sign up link is HERE.

There will be pizza! Our goal is to create as many as five action teams. To win in November and, in the longer term, to produce a stable and ongoing base of activism, OATs are going to be essential. If you want more information about the event or about OATs, please contact Ann Muenster at or at 920-277-9792.
Sign up!

Raising a Red Flag

If the price of “liberty” is that we must tolerate the periodic massacre of elementary school children in their classrooms and grandmothers at the supermarket, that’s OK with the Republican Party of Wisconsin.... Read more from the Wisconsin Examiner...

Recap: Memorial Day Parade

It was great to honor our service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation at Appleton's Memorial Day Parade! We're still looking for volunteers for Flag Day - sign up here!

Upcoming: Pride Celebration! 

Please join the Calumet County Democrats and the DPOC to celebrate our LGBTQ+ loved ones! Enjoy the great food/drinks River Tyme Bistro has to offer while visiting with family, friends, and community members.

Upcoming Events

Political Outreach Strategy Briefing – all invited
            Wednesday, June 1 / 6-7:30pm / DPOC Office
            Sign up here. 
Pancakes, Porkies, & Politics
            Saturday, June 4 / 9;11am | DPOC Office 
            Join us for pancakes and catching up with friends! $5
            suggested donation

Pride Celebration
            Saturday, June 4 / 2:30-6pm | River Tyme Bistro
            Please join us to celebrate the first weekend of Pride                              
            Month at River Tyme Bistro! There will be Bingo and prizes!

June Membership Meeting
           Monday, June 6 /  6-8:30pm | DPOC Office
           Join us for our monthly meeting. Social hour begins at
           6pm, business begins at 7pm.

Flag Day Parade
           Saturday, June 11 / Appleton
           Volunteers needed! Sign up here

           Sunday, June 12 / Jones Park, Appleton
           Volunteers needed! Sign up here

Outagamie County Fair
           July 20-24 / Seymour
           Volunteers needed! Sign up here

For a more exhaustive events list, please visit


June Membership Meeting

Monday, June 4, 7:00pm
Detailed Working agenda forthcoming
  • Summer calendar planning
  • DPOC and DPW Week of Service Opportunities
  • Political Outreach Committee Updates, Weekends of Action
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