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UMW Assembly 2018 in Columbus, Ohio



Be inspired by cutting-edge speakers and deep spiritual experiences.


Learn to mobilize through a public rally (Ohio State Legislature), Town Halls, workshops and social justice exhibits.


Leave with action plans for your own community.

At “The Power of Bold” United Methodist Women Assembly you’ll be filled with the faith, hope and love that moves women to action. We focus especially on women, children and youth—groups often left behind.

Learn about our four social justice priorities. Join more than 3,000 attendees at the Ohio State Legislature steps to Rally around Economic Equality and Living Wages for All. Attend Community Gatherings with deep spiritual journeys and cutting-edge speakers who will inspire and offer tools to mobilize and activate. Engage and learn from one another in our interactive workshops. Connect with experts in our Ubuntu Networking Library to help shape your action plans. Discover how to mobilize for change at the action tables in our social justice immersion exhibits. Be a leader on our BOLD Talks stage. Encounter women from all generations to understand what they seek and what motivates them to action.

You will leave knowing how to create a community culture where all women feel fully welcomed, valued and empowered to unite for bold and courageous action.

Don’t miss the “Power of Bold”.

Day of Giving 2018

Greetings Everyone,

United Methodist Women staff at the national office have exciting plans for Day of Giving 2018. We would like every member to be engaged and take part in our celebratory giving season leading up to March 23.

Please find enclosed a "Save the Date" flyer that you can distribute. Also, please note the wording we will use regarding the impact of Day of Giving gifts:

We are pleased to announce that generous donors have committed funds to leverage and grow the gifts received on Day of Giving, March 23, 2018. Your gift can have an even greater impact by contributing the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign on Day of Giving!

If there are any questions regarding the flyer or other communications regarding the Legacy Fund, please email, Anissa New-Walker, or call, work phone:  212-870-3754, cell phone: 646-874-1285. Thank you in advance for helping to make Day of Giving 2018 a success!


Anissa New-Walker
Executive for Marketing and Development Communications
United Methodist Women
475 Riverside Drive - fifteenth floor
New York, New York 10115
w. 212.870.3754  c. 646.874.1285
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PNW Conference Updates

Linda Key, Vice President


2018 has started out with a bang with the Pacific NW Conference of United Methodist Women’s leadership team meeting at Wesley Terrace in Des Moines, WA on January 12-14, 2018.  The program committee brought lots of enthusiasm as we shared ideas for the upcoming annual meeting.  There will be inspiring speakers, bible study, workshops, and lots of celebrating the past 149 years of service for women, children, and youth.  Those attending the 2017 annual meeting chose Immigration as a top priority for study.  We will also continue with the priorities chosen by the National Organization of UMW. They are:
  • Economic Inequality:  There will be a push for the adoption of legislation that builds the base of living wage in at least 2 states and municipalities by 2022.
  • Criminalization of Communities of Color:  We will focus on interrupting the school to prison pipeline by working for a 25% decrease in school arrests and the redesigning of zero-tolerance policies in local school districts.
  • Climate Justice:  We will advocate for a 25% reduction of carbon emissions by the top two contributing sectors by 2024.
  • Maternal and Child Health:  We will work to decrease maternal mortality by calling the establishment of Maternal Mortality Review Committees in every state and building a network of MCH advocates to fight for comprehension reproductive health care and education.
One way to get other women interested in UMW is to bring them to the Annual Meeting in October so they can see how the organization is changing the lives of Women, Children, and Youth and how they can become a part of an organization that is a community of women, rooted in our Christian faith, who turn faith, hope, and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

In Peace and Love,
Linda Key, Vice President

Libby Hall, Social Action Coordinator

Galatians 3:28 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

After reading, "Building a Movement to End, The New Jim Crow," by Daniel Hunter our first step is to know which position works best for us to further our advocacy work for United Methodist Women.  What category do you fit in?  Helper, Advocate, Rebel, or Organizer?

UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE IN SOCIAL CHANGE – To reach its goal, a movement must include different approaches to change and a great variety of people filling different roles.  Each role is important!

Helpers:  are people who see an individual in need and try to meet that need.  Helpers often provide direct service, such as opening their homes, educating about job interviews, offering therapy for family members, or feeding hungry people.  They open their hearts and respond personally with the resources they have available.

Advocates:  see a need but also see systems out there with resources, even if they're broken and unfair.  Advocates help people navigate those systems, perhaps doing social work, public advocacy, or impact litigation.  They use knowledge of the system to help people fill their needs, bending the system so it provides every ounce of justice or resources it can provide.

Organizers:  have another approach.  When looking at problems, their instinct is to bring together those who are hurting.  They often change the rules of the system.  Unlike Helpers, who provide direct services, or Advocates, who tend to work inside the system.  Organizers traditionally create pressure by building groups external to the current system.

Rebels:  driven by passion and energy, speak truth to power and do so with conviction.  They are associated with public protest and direct action, using tactics like sit-ins, marches, and civil disobedience.  Rebels are impatient with small reforms and are uncompromising in their struggle for major changes in society.  Rebels are often public in their work, even if it might carry personal risk for them.

Reminder:  Pacific Conference United Methodist Women's priorities are:  1) Immigration, 2) Economic Justice/Wealth Inequality, 3) Climate Justice, 4) Maternal and Child Health, and 5) Mass Incarceration of Communities of Color.

May God Be With You All,

Pacific NW Conference Social Action Coordinator Libby Hall

Mission u

Mission u, a cooperative venture of the PNW United Methodist Women and the Conference Board of Global Ministries, will take place July 13-16, 2018 on the Central Washington University campus in Ellensburg, Washington. Mission u is jointly sponsored by Conference Board of Global Ministries and United Methodist Women and open to all – Men, Youth and Women. Scholarships Available - Deadline May 31.

See the article from Lori Chaddek for the books to support the expected studies at Mission u:

  • “What About Our Money?  A Faith Response”  - Plenary Study-Rev. Neal Christie

  • “Embracing Health and Wholeness” - Rev. Dr. JoAnn Shipley; Rev. Dr. Carol Mariano

  • “Missionary Conferences With A Difference” - Bishop Mary Ann Swenson

  • “Youth - Is It Just Money?” - Amanda Hutchinson & Sara Culp

Fulltime $300 / Weekend  $255 / Commuter $200

Register online by clicking the Mission u Banner Picture above or

(Attn: Unit Presidents -printable forms available from the website for members who do not have computer access.  Please be sure to print a few and bring them to church and upcoming unit meetings!)

7 Rivers District Officer Updates

Tressa Cummings - President And Membership Nurture & Outreach

Happy New Year! I hope all of you have managed to stay healthy and avoid the flu.

Our theme this year is Just Breathe. There is a song played on Positive Life Radio called,  “Breathe”, by Jonny Diaz. The song talks about how busy we get and try to cram as much as we can into the day, that we forget to take time and breathe and rest. I have been trying to set aside time in the morning before going to work and be in God’s word, It doesn’t always happen. God reminds us that we need to be in his presence to rest, be still, and restore our soul to to manage the craziness of life.            
I hope you will join us on March 17th for our Leadership/Spiritual event. It will be a day of celebrating our UMW roots in the morning and restoring our soul to breathe in the afternoon and don’t forget to wear green.

Local Unit Presidents:
It is time to do our 2017 census report to National UMW. I will be sending out a paper form of the information needed to complete the report. Paper form needs to be mailed back to me and I will complete your unit report online. I will also give you the link to do the report online. This report is do by March 31st. I would like to have all our reports done by the first week of March. If you have questions feel free to call me in the evening after 7:00 p.m. (509 728-4259)
Tressa Cummings
Seven Rivers District President  

Yvonne Gowell - Vice President 

I am now going to be the District Vice President for the next 2 years.  So I am learning a new role. My first attempt is doing the flyer for our First Event in 2018 - Leadership / Spiritual Day. See enclosed Registration Form for information.  Weather and roads should be good.  If you need a room on Friday at the hotel, I have a couple extra.

As outgoing treasurer I want to give you the Treasurer 2017 year-end report:

Thank you all for your generous giving - we were second in giving for PNW Conference UMW. Our Mission Giving consists of 5 categories or channels:  Pledge to Mission, Special Mission Recognition (Pins),  Gift to Mission (Cards),  Gift in Memory, and World Thank Offering. Our PNW also includes extra giving - Mission Magic (candle burning) and Love Ribbons which are  added to the total Mission Giving.  We met our goal - $27,987.65 for total Mission Giving.          
Women's Division is now known as United Methodist Women National Office. Our own 7 Rivers District member from Ellensburg UMW, is Estella Wallace - a National United Methodist Women’s Director - she is involved with financial decisions at the National Level of UMW.  She  has shared the  following  information regarding 
National Mission Institutions (NMIs):  NMIs do not apply for grants.  Grants are requested for special needs such as building repairs, repairs from hurricanes, etc. Usually they run on a tight budget, with little surplus for upgrades. Just because they request funds, does not mean they automatically get it. There may be partial, none, or maybe we have matching funds. There are many different options. Many of them have a long standing line item in their budgets for support from the National UMW for operating costs. Others are self-sufficient.
Designated Giving  is money that is given to Call to Prayer, and other national and international missions.  Atlantic Street Center and Tacoma Community House are National Facilities located in Seattle and Tacoma; Crossroads Urban Center is in Salt Lake  City, UT.   See  Mission Around the World in the February 2018 Response Magazine - there are Mission Giving Maps & explanations of Mission on pages 15-31Remember the Focus of UMW is women, children, and youth.
UMW supports 150 programs  internationally - in more than 110 countries.  Also, UMW supports 8 regional missionaries whose work reaches out to 49 countries and the Caribbean.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Yvonne Gowell / 509-264-1562 /  

Carol Sprague - Treasurer Report  

Hello everyone.  I am your new Treasurer for 7 Rivers District as of 2018. This will be a learning experience for me, but I attend the same church as Yvonne Gowell, Trinity UMC in East Wenatchee, so she will be my support and very experienced trainer.  

My husband and I moved here two years ago from Colorado where we had lived for 42 ½ years.  Our granddaughters from Seattle were calling, “Grandma, you need to move closer!”  We also have a grandson just north of San Francisco who will become a big brother in May.  

I have been around UMW all my life.  My mother was very active in WSCS before UMW and after I graduated from college I became involved in UMW in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Margaret Hotze lives.  Those of you who know Margaret Hotze from Western Jurisdiction President will know she led me in the proper channels for UMW involvement! In Colorado I was the local unit president and Program Resources person for several years.  

I will do my best to serve you all as District Treasurer with the values and principles that are inherent in United Methodist Women and feel free to contact me at any time.  My phone number is 719-406-1126 and my email is  I look forward to seeing many of you March 17th at Kennewick First.  Please complete your registrations and send them to me. Peace and Love in Christ.

Peggy Beals - Spiritual Growth

Hello sisters of 7 Rivers District. This year promises to be full of opportunities to learn, share, and help others. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of you at the UMW 101 and ”Just Breathe” meeting  in Kennewick. All those questions you have saved, now is your time to get answers. Come out for the day and find info and relaxation at one location. Another place to be is the Assembly in Columbus, Ohio in May. There are scholarships available from Conference, 7 Rivers district, and your local UMW. This promises to be a one of a kind meeting, so make some plans. Be sure to register early for Mission U this year. All these times that we get together and have good conversation is our chance to make a difference in a life, not necessarily our own but God keeps moving us forward doing good in His name. I have been busy with the clothing center at Ellensburg UMC, helping people with little or no income. If you have extra clothing that you no longer want, drop them off at our center . This is your year to grow spiritually, so remember mark your calendars for upcoming UMW events!
Your friend in Christ, Peggy Beals.

Special Update - Social Action in North Central WA

by Vicki Carr, Member UMW Lake Chelan

Much had been done to help and aid our Hispanic workers, neighbors and friends here in the Lake Chelan Valley, however this has been repeated over and over throughout the Seven Rivers District communities, school districts and churches. The district’s  United Methodist Women units have also been pro-active in this mission.

I found out about Northwest Immigration Rights Project (NWIRP) when I went to Granger for a seminar. We then invited Spanish-speaking NWIRP attorneys to come to Chelan to answer immigration questions and help fill out citizenship applications. People came from Leavenworth north to Brewster and Tonasket for free legal advice.

Dozens of people were helped during the four years of Friday night and Saturday sessions. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why NWIRP closed its Moses Lake office and moved it to Wenatchee. Now free legal help is more readily available.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes have been offered to area residents in Manson and Chelan for four years. This program has been directed by Tom and Ellen Dunbar, 31-year missionaries to Central and South America.

Classes are offered in Manson and Chelan with dozens of students attending November-March twice a week. Eight to ten teachers at both locations work with beginners on up to those who need to have command of business and/or employer English skills.

The Lake Chelan and Manson School Districts offer free citizenship instruction and preparation on alternating years. When I taught the twice-a-week classes in the 2015 – 2016 academic year, there were 70 names on the student roster. Later I was proud to see four students sworn in as citizens at a ceremony at Pybus Market in Wenatchee. As near as I can figure out, about 30 of my students are now citizens. Three others have appointments coming up soon in Yakima.

I am thankful I have the time and enough energy still to reach out to others who need help adjusting to life in the United States. The hugs I get as I wander around town, the honks from passing cars, the loving glances and smiles are a rich return for my time.

We are all brothers and sisters in God’s family. I am blessed to pass along God’s love.

Lori Chadek - Program Resources and
Mission Education & Interpretatio

Happy New Year!!  Wishing everyone a year of many Blessing in 2018!!

Education for Mission BONUS book


Have you started your 2018 Reading Program? It is not too late.. To participate I would like to encourage you to read 1 book from all 5 categories and you will have completed Level 1. You can’t read 5 books? . No worries! Read a Bonus book and  it will count for 2 books read.
I will have reading brochures and some books available for purchase at our
March 17th Leadership/Spiritual Event in Kennewick, WA at the First United Methodist Church..


Plan on attending Mission U and would like to read the materials early?
Stop by the book table at the Leadership/Spiritual Event. Cost per book is $10.00 each.


Lori Chadek

Ingrid Fortmeyer- Communications Coordinator

Ephesians 4:16 ESV - From whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Collaborative efforts are the backbone of any group of people working together to achieve a goal.  The UMW has a history of phenomenal cooperation and maximization of resources (both spiritual and material goods) to benefit members and missions around the world.  

Collaborative efforts are streamlined when everyone is on the same page.  Google Docs takes this from the figurative meaning to literal cooperative efforts where multiple people can contribute, comment, change, and clarify important information. Many people take advantage of Google’s free email services, but the real gems are found behind the scenes in Google Drive.   Meeting Agendas, Newsletters, Budget Tracking, Meeting Attendance Tracking, Standing Rules and Policies. Potluck Sign-Up forms, Christmas Bazaar volunteer schedules, etc.  Shared files  help take the “work” out of teamwork with their collaborative formats and put the focus on TEAM.  Learn more by searching for videos on YouTube about Google Drive and Google Docs.  One example of sharing strategies can be found by clicking the picture below:

Mother/Father/Creator/God - help us learn how to fulfil our Purpose by enthusiastically exploring and learning the ways you equip us for our work.  Help us to build the body of Christ as we work for your glory.  Amen

Linda Hay - Chair of Nominations

“Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place” Jeremiah 22:3

The Nominations Committee is actively recruiting for a passionate UMW member who will learn, and share information about social action initiatives, and concerns within our district and throughout our world. She will also bring ideas of how we can be involved and become change agents. If you have curiosity about the position, perks or questions, please sit at my lunch table on March 17th when we gather for UMW 101 and our half-day Spiritual Retreat at Kennewick 1st (registration forms included in this newsletter). I look forward to a lively discussion with at least one woman from every unit present!

We also have a vacancy on the Nominations Committee. If you have a keen eye for picking out potential leaders, enjoy talking with people, on the telephone or at meetings, you might be just the person we are looking for! Contact myself (509/773-6691), Carol Gaston (509/997-2071) or Barb Stout (509/860-7622).



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