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UMW Assembly 2018 in Columbus, Ohio

More than 6,000 United Methodist Women members and supporters gathered in Columbus, Ohio, May 18-20, for the 2018 United Methodist Women Assembly with the theme “The Power of Bold.”  Above, Harriett Jane Olson, the general secretary/CEO of United Methodist Women, addresses the closing session of Assembly 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Click on the Photo to read more about the event, workshops, and more, or visit

An excerpt Message from UMW National President  Shannon Priddy.  She is from Indianapolis, and her message is “Going After a Life of Love” taken from 1 Corinthians 14:1-3 (The Message).

“Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it – because it does. Give yourselves to the gifts God gives you. Most of all, try to proclaim God’s truth. If you praise God in private, God understands you but no one else does, for you are sharing intimacies just between you and God. But when you proclaim God’s truth in everyday speech, you’re letting others in on the truth so that they can grow and be strong and experience God’s presence with you.” 

Lately, I have heard this a lot, “I don’t want to bother you, you must be busy.”  I find the time to use the talents God gave me because I am accountable to my faith and my gifts. I found this quote and have decided to adopt it as my own. “Save the excuses. It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time.”  It’s about discovering your gifts in pursuit of God.  

We have more choices in our lives than ever before, when to spend our money and how to spend our time for God’s purpose in your life. Sharing the work of  United Methodist Women is letting others in on the truth of Jesus Christ through my work and words. God is not asking us to take on tasks we don’t know how to  do. God is asking us to use the gifts we already have to proclaim God’s truth. Together, we have been working with local groups and organizations around the world for 149 years. We walk in the message of love....  

To read the full excerpt, check out the Spring 2018 Sharing Line - available NOW!

Day of Giving 2018 was a great success! We did it together!

We are pleased to announce United Methodist Women members, friends, and partners raised $270, 643.54 for the Legacy Fund.  Thank you! Together, we are building our legacy.

Thanks for all that you do,

Development Team

PNW Conference Updates

United Methodist Women from the PNW Conference were among the thousands who gathered for the UMW Assembly 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.  Thanks to Marsha Aufenkamp for the group photo.

PNW Legacy

Unit Legacy Photos

ATTENTION EVERY UNIT IN PNW: We are hoping for a group UNIT picture to share at our Annual Meeting in Vancouver this October 12th. This will become a special LEGACY of our Pacific Northwest Conference.

Please email me a picture of your UNIT with the name of the unit or church (and list the the names of the ladies if possible) by August 1st 2018.

Blessings and Thanks for your help in this project! :-)  
Marsha Aufenkamp PNW Conference Secretary of Program Resources and PNW Legacy Liaison

PO Box 1942 or 506 3rd Ave W – 1942

Omak, WA 98841

Legacy Program and Health History

Women’s health has always been a priority or United Methodist Women. Dr. Clara Swain along with educator Isabella Thoburn were our first missionaries, sent to India in the 19th century to ensure Indian women received education and access to health care, both denied to them in a patriarchal society. Women’s access to health care is still under threat today, even in such rich nations as the United States.

Because access to comprehensive health care for women of all ages is still lacking, maternal and child health remains a priority for United Methodist Women. We work to ensure our church and world do not leave women behind or allow women and children to die of preventable causes.

Maternal mortality is increasing in the United States. We must find out why and reverse the trend – from exploring what local, state, and national policies restrict care, where funding is lacking, what systemic issues create this environment, and how we begin to work together to fix it. We owe it to our foremothers to continue their work. In the 21st century, women still need to organize for mission and endow the future.

(submitted by Marsha Aufenkamp)

Mission u

Mission u, a cooperative venture of the PNW United Methodist Women and the Conference Board of Global Ministries, will take place July 13-16, 2018 on the Central Washington University campus in Ellensburg, Washington. Mission u is jointly sponsored by Conference Board of Global Ministries and United Methodist Women and open to all – Men, Youth and Women. Scholarships Available - Deadline May 31.

Topics for studies at Mission u:

  • What About Our Money?  A Faith Response”  - Plenary Study-Rev. Neal Christie

  • “Embracing Health and Wholeness” - Rev. Dr. JoAnn Shipley; Rev. Dr. Carol Mariano

  • “Missionary Conferences With A Difference” - Bishop Mary Ann Swenson

  • “Youth - Is It Just Money?” - Amanda Hutchinson & Sara Culp

Full time $300 / Weekend  $255 / Commuter $200

Register online by clicking the Mission u Banner Picture above or visit

(Attn: Unit Presidents -printable forms available from the website for members who do not have computer access.  Please be sure to print a few and bring them to church and upcoming unit meetings!)

7 Rivers District Officer Updates

Tressa Cummings - President And Membership Nurture & Outreach

It has been a beautiful spring. The flowering trees have been just outstanding. I was in Salt Lake City the last week of April working at the UMCOR West Depot.(United Methodist Committee on Relief). There were 19 people that went on the trip and we worked hard to get the Depot in order for bosses from headquarters in Atlanta coming the next week. If you have never been to UMCOR West in Salt Lake City, I highly recommend getting a group together and volunteering for a week. It is a time of fellowship with one another and learning more about the outreach of United Methodist Committee on Relief,

As our outreach work winds down for a little break for summer. Maybe consider getting together for fun summer activity as a unit. Go out for ice cream, have a afternoon movie party at the  church, visit a museum or historical place near your city. A lot of units take the summer off because everyone gets busy during the summer. But maybe plan a fun activity and see what happens.

For our newsletter in August we would like to get some articles from the local UMW units. Brief article about service or outreach project you are working on, ideas of fun programs you have done for your monthly meeting, or something your unit is proud of. Send the article to our communications coordinator Ingrid Fortmeyer Next Newsletter goes out in August. Articles need to be sent in by August 5th.

Reminder to send your quilts with your pastor to PNW UMC Annual Conference in June. the quilts get distributed to different community organizations.

Tressa Cummings

Seven Rivers District UMW President 

Yvonne Gowell - Vice President 

Our Leadership/Spiritual Day Apart  March 17, at First Kennewick UMC was a lovely day.

The evaluation responses showed that 95% of the attendees thought it was a great event.  "UMW 101" and "Where Does the Money Go?" were helpful to members.  Rev. Mary Huycke presented the Spiritual side - “ Be Still and Know that I Am God”   & Just Breathe. The First Kennewick UMW ladies had a great luncheon and were very organized. Thank you for hosting!! It was a wonderful day!!

On March 19, I visited the Ephrata UMW  group, attended their meeting and a luncheon.  President Ann Chandler & Treasurer Joan Jensen told me the meeting location was a “ Surprise“.  I followed the cars all over town & out of town - finally ended up at home of Dolores Pheasant (Vice President) for a wonderful lunch she had prepared!!! Ephrata UMW is an active unit who trades meeting sites with Moses Lake UMW. I enjoyed being at their meeting. THANK YOU EPHRATA UMW !!

You will not  want to miss the 7 Rivers District UMW Annual Meeting on Saturday September 15, at Moses Lake UMW.  Rev. Lyda Pierce, the Director of  Hispanic / Latino MInistries for the PNW Conference office will be the primary Speaker. Registration Form will come out in late  July.

I hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day, and hope to “See You in September” ( sing along)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Yvonne Gowell / 509-264-1562 /  

Carol Sprague - Treasurer Report  



I made it through the first quarter of my treasurer duties with the help of everyone in the 7 Rivers District. Thanks for the help!

I was so glad to get to meet some of our unit treasurers at our Spiritual Day in March. Hopefully I will get to meet more of you at our annual district meeting in September.

Thanks to all the units who sent me their First Quarter 2018 remittance forms for pledges and other giving.  The due date for Second Quarter remittances for pledges and other giving is June 1st so that I can send in our pledge to the conference by June 16th.

God works through all of us in United Methodist Women. Keep up his work. God bless.

Carol Sprague
7 Rivers District Treasurer

719-406-1126 /

Peggy Beals - Spiritual Growth

This has been a busy time for me, I know it has been for you. Spring is so beautiful with planting and getting ready for Assembly.  

I have come up with a fundraising idea for Legacy. We decided to have a mini bazaar at coffee hour after church. We started working on small craft ideas to sell for under $5.00. Magnets, crocheted washcloths, bookmarks, handmade signs, and many more ideas. You can do it also. Try going to Pinterest for great craft ideas. That website was, and is, a great help to get inspired.  

I am nervous and excited about going to Assembly. I am praying for God's presence in this experience for all of us. I will be working at the Legacy booth so stop by and say “Hello”.

Stay strong and keep well this Spring/Summer.
Your sister in Christ, Peggy Beals.

Psalms 67:1-2 O God, in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us. Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind

Special Update - Social Action in North Central WA

As of June 17th, we will have a new Coordinator of Social Action serving on the District Team.  Her name is Elsie David and she joins us with enthusiasm and a heart for social justice. For those units who will have met the criteria to be a Racial Justice Club, or those who have fulfilled the requirements to continue as an active Racial Justice Club, you will want to send your documentation to Elsie at: P.O. Box 557, Goldendale, WA  98620. For the next couple of months, sending hard copies will work best for Elsie. Her phone number is 509-250-3453.

Lori Chadek - Program Resources and
Mission Education & Interpretatio



Looking for a book to read outside on your deck? I have a few suggestions to share with you.

Mark your calendar for August 18th as this is the day your 2018 Reading Program brochures are due. If you have read 1 book or 20 books, please let us know. Each book read helps us improve our percentage of readers. Please be sure your name and UMW Unit and the books you have read are written legibly. Please mail them to Lori Chadek, 1005 N. Quebec St., Kennewick, WA 99336. Or email your list of books to “ and put Reading Program in the subject line.

Questions? You may email or call/text me at (509) 205-7136.


Mission Today Brochures


I will be mailing out Mission Today (5 + 2 stars) brochures to the unit presidents soon. Units please look these over and fill in your information and return them to me no later than August 18th.  



Lori Chadek


Ingrid Fortmeyer- Communications Coordinator

Read about the 'Amazing Adventures of Methodist Women in Mission' in a fun way!  Check out the Response Magazine Comic online by clicking the title above or visit

Start collecting pictures and stories about your unit's activities, events, and special memories.  August's Flame Newsletter will feature articles from the local UMW units. To ensure we can include as many articles as possible, please limit the writings to no more than 500 words and a maximum of 5 pictures. Articles need to be sent in by August 5th to

B'shalom, Ingrid Fortmeyer Communications Coordinator

Linda Hay - Chair of Nominations

It is hard to believe that most units are nearing the point of taking a summer break!  However, many of us will be able to reconnect at Assembly or Mission u. I hope to see you at one or the other!  In the meantime, continue to read, learn, grow and serve in whatever way you are called. This will probably be the “last call” for you to express interest in a vacancy on the District Team to me, or one of the other members on the Committee on Nominations.  As of this time, please contact us if you are passionate about Membership Nurture, and Outreach. I have personally filled this position on both the Conference and District teams and found it to be one of the most fun and satisfying positions of all.

If your unit is electing new officers between now and October 1st, please get those names and contact information to Lilith Burgess (District Secretary) as soon as possible so that she can include correct information in our district directory.  And, by electing new officers by October 1st, they will be able to benefit from Leadership Development offered by the conference team at their October Annual Meeting.



Linda Hay (509/773-6691)



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