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  • Legacy Update
7 Rivers District Officer Updates
  • 7 Rivers District Annual Meeting
  • Tressa Cummings - President, and Membership Nurture & Outreach
  • Yvonne Gowell - Vice President
  • Carol Sprague - Treasurer
  • Peggy Beals - Spiritual Growth
  • Elsie David - Social Action
  • Lori Chadek - Program Resources and Mission Education & Interpretation
  • Ingrid Fortmeyer - Communications
  • Linda Hay - Chair of Nominations
7 Rivers District Unit Updates

Action Alert from National United Methodist Women

(Excerpted from "Electing Candidates Committed to Transforming the Lives of Women, Girls and Families" updated 7/13/18)

Across the country and around the world, climate justice, economic inequality, maternal and child health and mass incarceration challenge the social power and self-determination of women and girls....

The 2018 state elections will impact the redistricting that comes after the 2020 United States Census. In many instances, it will be governors and state legislators who draw new boundaries for state legislative and congressional districts. Over 300 federal programs, worth over $600 billion dollars, use census-generated figures to decide the allocation of federal funds....

For more information, see the  PDF Document opens in a new window. “2018 Candidate Checklist: A Questionnaire for Candidates Seeking Election" 

Other available information and downloads include the 2018 Voter's Rights Toolkit and the 2018 Election Checklist.  Check it out!

(Excerpted from "Statement on Immigrant Parent-Child Separation" updated 6/19/18)

As a women’s mission organization that has championed the needs of women, children and youth for nearly 150 years, United Methodist Women cannot be silent as already vulnerable children suffer the trauma of being torn from their mothers and fathers at our nation’s borders in a policy designed to deter and punish the “least among us"....

United Methodist Women has signed on to the “Women of Faith Cry Out to Keep Families Together” letter to U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen calling for an end to this practice....

Harriett Jane Olson
General Secretary/CEO
United Methodist Women

UMW PNW Conference Updates

UMW PNW has a new website!  

Click the link above or visit the
Pacific Northwest Conference United Methodist Church website

at - find United Methodist Women under the Ministries tab
or just visit


Remember to register for the upcoming UMW PNW Conference Annual Meeting 

“Justice and Mercy for All”
with Keynote Speaker Kenya Roberts

October 12-13 at Vancouver First United Methodist Church.

Workshops include:
Immigration *  Economic Inequality *  Criminalization of People of Color
Maternal/Child Health *  Climate Justice *  A Way Forward

Registration Deadline September 21st

PNW Legacy

Reminder - Unit Photos are needed so I can include them with the others at our Annual Meeting and Photo book.  If you have sent them, Thank You!  If you haven't, please do so ASAP!  Please include Unit Member names along with the photo and send to


For United Methodist Women members, women organize for mission.  Our giving supports and reinforces our service and advocacy for justice. Learning to give is part of our spiritual development, and giving makes the mission – both service and advocacy- possible.  Giving and United Methodist Women mission form a regenerative circle that we can be part of in many ways. We can make a Pledge to Mission or give through other Mission Giving channels at United Methodist Women events. Online donations for mission with women, children and youth are easy to make and secure. In addition to our annual giving through our local unit, we can contribute to the United Methodist Women Legacy Fund to ensure that our mission will live on for another 150 years and beyond.

Blessings, Marsha PNW SPR & Legacy Liaison

7 Rivers District Officer Reports

UMW PNW Seven Rivers District Annual Meeting 
Saturday Sept. 15, 2018
Moses Lake United Methodist  Church
10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
cost $10.00
(Lunch Provided)

Tressa Cummings - President 

What does it take to grow? Spiritually, individually, as a community of women. In order to grow we need to say “yes” to opportunities presented to us that might be out of our comfort zone. To read or attend a get together on a social justice subject. Pray, read the bible, participate in a spiritual retreat or Mission u. Service outreach to those who are vulnerable or who have been taken advantage of. Had I not said yes to being District President, I would not have met so many passionate women who are working toward making a difference in their local and global communities. Do you have to take on a leadership role? No! Stretching ourselves to get involved in mission, and learning about what others are doing outside of our communities creates growth.  Where I am I going with all this is? Being a part of UMW has truly opened my eyes to the plight of women, children and youth in our communities and around the world. This spring I attended UMW Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. I met women from all over the US and abroad and visited with some of our National Institutes UMW supports. I took two workshops:
  • Standing Rock Part 1  “Sacred Water”

  • Lovers of Justice Dwelling Together in a Multi-Faith World

I learned a lot from both workshops as well as hearing the guest speakers:  Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize winner (Liberian Peace Activist), Michelle Alexander (Author of the New Jim Crow), and Marian Wright Edelman (founder of the Children’s Defense Fund). 

I want to thank you for the work you are doing in your local communities and for supporting the National and International Institutions that United Methodist Women support through your Pledge to Missions. These Institutions were started because someone saw a need in their community. Our foremothers were just as passionate about injustices as we are today.  

It has been a privilege to serve as your Seven Rivers District UMW President these past 4 years. Now it is time to see what other opportunities come my way. I am excited for you to meet your new Seven Rivers District UMW President, who will be installed at our Annual District UMW meeting in September. She will do a great job and continue to challenge us grow as United Methodist Women.  


Tressa Cummings
Seven Rivers District UMW President

Yvonne Gowell - Vice President 

I tallied the 21 evaluations from the Leadership/ Spiritual Event on March 17, 2018:  19 responses were all 3’s = “Yes - Definitely”; 1 response was all 2’s = “Yes - Somewhat”; 1  response was all 1’s = “No” (however no comments were made).  Comments given from all responses included:  “Nicely paced”; “Good group today“; “ Enjoyed it all“; "Needed more  breaks”; “This is the best district event I have ever attended“; “ Having  words on the screen for songs was great!”

On  4/24/18,  I sent a 'Thank You' note to Kennewick First UMW to Attn: Kathy Wertman, President.  And once again, I'd like to say "Thank You  Kennewick First UMW for Hosting this event!!!!"

I have visited via phone with Joan Jensen, Ephrata Treasurer.  All is about the same there with 8-9 attending meetings.  The Okanogan UMW President, Gloria Jeter, states that their pastor, Kathleen O’Connor, has retired.  They have a part-time Hispanic Ministry and have a few Hispanic ladies who are attending UMW. They took their  picture for the 7 Rivers District Legacy compilation and 3rd Qtr Flame.

At Leavenworth UMW there are changes being made in officers. Judy Rector, who was a co–president, is now in charge of making the kits for “Girls Days.”  She has taken about 100 kits to Haiti.

Don't forget to REGISTER for the 7 Rivers District Annual Meeting!

See You There,
Yvonne  Gowell,  7 River’s District  Vice President
509-264-1562 /  

Carol Sprague - Treasurer Report  

Hello all 7 Rivers District Treasurers. It’s hard to believe this year has gone so quickly. Hope you have been staying as cool as possible this summer. The UMW year runs from September to September so I will be completing end of year reports the first part of September to be ready for our District meeting at Moses Lake.

I will need your quarterly reports to me by the end of August so Remittance forms and monies you need to send me please do so this month. I noticed at looking at my different giving categories that there are some local units that are very close to having met the 5+2 awards so you might see what you need to do to reach that milestone. The categories are calculated from 4th quarter 2017 through 3rd quarter 2018 (end of August). Those awards are recognized at the District meeting in September.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Moses Lake on September 15th. God bless. 

Carol Sprague - 7 Rivers District Treasurer
719-406-1126 /

Peggy Beals - Spiritual Growth

Hello UMW sisters.  I have had a great summer so far, and I hope you have too. Our book club has been busy reading from the reading list and sharing what we got out of the books at an informal setting of a coffee house - a lot of sharing and caffeine and cookies. It is a good way to do our reading list for the year.

We also wanted to raise money for PNW Legacy, so we made crafts that cost $10.00 or less. We have raised $250.00 in the last 6 months. Some of our crafts include; coasters, potholders, magnets, wall hangings, potted plants, and book markers. Everyone is gifted with some sort of craft gene, yes, even you. If you put your mind to it your unit can raise money for Legacy. If you long to rock in a rocking chair, a pedometer attached to the chair can keep track of the "Rock-a-Thon" event to raise money. A cooking contest is a good “funraiser”. Yes, I mean “funraiser”, all the members of the church can join to increase your gift to Legacy.

Well enough about money, have you set aside time to go for a walk, sit in your backyard,walk through the forest? You need to take that time of renewal just for God and you.  Keep your spirit refreshed, we all need it and He is ready to listen.

I’m going to mention Mission u for a moment. This was a great moment in time to see what was and is happening nationally.  I also got to meet a large youth group this year. They are our future, and it was a gift to witness them in action.  Make your plans for next year. You won’t regret it 

Take care and let’s meet up at the 7 Rivers Annual Meeting in September. 

Your friend and sister in Christ, Peggy Beals.


Elsie David - Social Action Coordinator

Elsie will be speaking on "Clean Water" at the Seven Rivers District Annual meeting next month in Moses Lake. Water is such an integral part of our physical and spiritual life together - we look forward to learning and sharing more about it there!

Lori Chadek - Program Resources
and Mission Education & Interpretatio

Ready for some fresh reading? Come join us at the Seven Rivers District Annual meeting next month in Moses Lake. Look for the Reading Program display to preview and purchase the new 2019 Reading Program books. 

Also, a gentle reminder to send me your 2018 reading lists by August 18th to have your unit recognized for participating in the Reading Program. 

You can send your Mission Today brochure to me as well.  Please mail them to:
Lori Chadek 1005 N. Quebec St., Kennewick, WA 99336.

Lori Chadek 

Ingrid Fortmeyer - Communications Coordinator

Have you ever wished your handwritten notes from meetings or events could magically type themselves?  Guess what?  They can!  Except it's not magic, it's a Smartpen!  Smartpens have technology embedded into the pen that converts handwritten notes into digital data which can then be converted into Word documents or other digital media.  As a grad student, the Livescribe Echo Pen saved me hours of work by letting me convert lecture notes into typed pages. "Awesome!" does not cover it.  Consider getting a Smartpen for your Unit to make note taking easy as 1-2-3!  As a bonus, many Smartpens also record audio and have playback features so you can review and catch any information that was missed!  Use it to interview members for Legacy stories, and you will have access to their memories long after the ink on the page fades.

B'shalom, Ingrid Fortmeyer

Linda Hay - Chair of Nominations


President - Marsha Aaufenkamp (2018-2020)
509 3rd Ave. W., Omak, WA  98841-1942
509/826-3423 (H) 509/322-6338 (C)

Coordinator, Membership Nurture & Outreach - Nominations Wanted!
[Office Duties to be shared by District Officers if position is not filled]

Nominations Committee - Ruth Hendrix (2018-2020)
P.O. Box 385, Chelan, WA  98816-0385
509/670-0736 (C) 509/682-2479 (H)


Vice President - Yvonne Gowell, second year of first two-year term
94 17th NE., East Wenatchee, WA 98802
509/264-1562 (C)

Secretary - Lilith Burgess, second year of first two-year term
P.O. Box 4871, West Richland, WA  99353
360/286-1437 (C)

Treasurer - Carol Sprague, second year of first two-year term
150 Island Loop, Rock Island, WA  98850

Communication Coordinator - Ingrid Fortmeyer, second year of first two year term
361 Baker Rd. Selah, WA  98942
708/829-4464 (C)

Coordinator, Mission Education - Lori Chadek, second year of first two year term
1005 Quebec St., Kennewick, WA  99336
509/205-7136 (C) 509/396-9064 (H)

Coordinator, Spiritual Growth - Peggy Beals, second year of second two year term
312 W. Ridgeview Lane, Ellensburg, WA  98926
425/765-7798 (C)

Coordinator, Membership Nurture & Outreach - Vacant
[Office Duties to be shared by District Officers if position is not filled]

Coordinator, Social Action - Elsie David, first year of first two year term (elected in June, 2018)
P.O. Box 557, Goldendale, WA  98620

Secretary, Program Resources -  Lori Chadek, continuing a dual position (see above)

Nominations Committee (Chair) - Linda Hay, second year of first two year term
385 Juniper Rd., Goldendale, WA  98620

Nominations Committee - Barbara Stout, second year of first two year term
P.O. Box 1173, Goldendale, WA 98620

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the Slate of Officers, please contact me prior to our Annual Meeting.  Thank you!

Blessings, Linda Hay
Phone: 509/773-6691  or Email:

7 Rivers District Unit Updates

We received photos for 10 of the 19 Seven Rivers District Units!  Here's a snapshot of some of our sisters enjoying outings, fellowship, and service opportunities together!

The Ephrata women have discontinued their Maternity and Infant Closet which began in 1996 when we were much younger.  Women from our conference have supported us through the years with quilts and baby items.  The 240 maternity items have been given to the Rochester Community Clothing Bank, a mission of the Rochester United Methodist  church.  Our women are now helping with the Community Memory Cafe, a program begun in Feb 2018 by our church. It is a social gathering once a month for persons with memory loss of many kinds.
Caregivers or spouses attend also. Various fun activities and music fill the hour and a half.
We encourage other churches to begin Memory Cafes. Many Methodist churches in the US have them.  
Sent by Dolores Pheasant, VP  Ephrata UMW

The Leavenworth UMW is a very active group of women.  This past summer we gathered for times of fellowship together in the morning enjoying a continental breakfast.  We are also in the midst of our school supply collection.  We gather school supplies that we give to the elementary schools to support students in need.  We support the American Red Cross by providing goodies and volunteers during the monthly blood drives here in the area.  Our unit will have a food drive in October as part of the national Make a Difference Day. The year ahead is filled with various projects: Lunches for Bus Drivers in December, Cookies for shut-ins on Valentines Day, Coffee service at Nason Creek in October and More!!   -  submitted by UMW co-leaders Mary Nelson & Judy Weaver, Leavenworth UMW

Newly installed Wesley UMW President, Betsy Broom, and Wesley Pastor Bruce Smith traveled to Jamaa Letu Orphanage in Democratic Republic of Congo with other members of our PNW Conference this summer. They are interviewing young adults who grew up in the orphanage.  We look forward to hearing their stories this fall.

Is your unit missing from this Flame?  Not to worry! Upcoming issues of the Flame will feature more photos and articles from 7 River's District Units.  We are looking for for any special events, service or outreach projects you are working on, ideas of fun programs you have done for your monthly meeting, or something your unit is proud of. Please start to save pictures and stories about your unit's activities, events, and special memories for feature articles from the local UMW units!

Email your updates to to be included in the next Flame!



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