Welcome to the first edition of Bird Talk. In this issue we discuss creativity and sleep. We decided to reach out to Arianna Huffington to hear her thoughts on sleep deprivation.
Issue #001 
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Issue #001: Creativity & Sleep

Welcome to the first edition of Bird Talk. Lately the three of us have been thinking of how sleep affects creativity. So we decided to reach out to Arianna Huffington to hear her thoughts on sleep deprivation. We've also searched for good things to have in your bedroom, and we've sweeped the Internet for the most interesting (non-sleep related) stuff right now. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to share your thoughts at

Texting with Arianna Huffington

In 2007 Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, collapsed from exhaustion. Since then she's been on a crusade to educate the public on the importance of sleep. We sat down for a short interview over text.

Bedroom inspiration

The Sleep Revolution – Read an excerpt from Arianna's best selling book. Here's her twelve tips for better sleep. 

ŌURA – A Kickstarter-funded wellness ring that analyses your body and helps you get more restful sleep and perform better.

Rose geranium – Calming and grounding, rose geranium is a plant that helps to reduce feelings of stress and worry. Keep it in your bedroom, just like we do. – Rain drops are the perfect lullaby. Fall asleep to the Internet’s most popular rain experience.

1. Listen to Arianna and leave your phone outside the bedroom. 

2. Never, ever work from your bed. Just stop.

3. Remind your friends at the office of the importance of rest.

4. Prime your brain for creative thinking by reading before bed. You might wake up with a new fresh idea.

5. Leave the bedroom if you find yourself awake in bed after 20 minutes. Do something boring, and get back in.

Off-topic things you should check out

We’re always on the lookout for good stuff. Here’s some non-sleep related things that’ve grabbed our attention.

French music duo The Blaze keep delivering great videos. Check out 'Territory'
Pixar just released a free course on the art of storytelling. Thanks!
Creativity expert Brene Brown discusses the power of vulnerability & failure as keys to unlock creative potential.
Google & Jigsaw release 'Perspective' – an anti-harassment API for online discussions.
Meet Jerry Lawson: The unknown genius behind gaming consoles.
No more distracting co-workers please. Get 'NOPE'

Reader's corner – Satsuki Shibuya

In every edition of Bird Talk we ask one of our readers to share something with you. It can be anything. First out is Los Angeles-based artist Satsuki Shibuya:

Sleep enables equilibrium to happen, letting go completely of all that has happened, bringing us back into our pure existence. Rëndësi, a painting from my latest book Moment, was created to allow for such time to reflect, to connect awareness back into the internal, and feel the rhythm of life from within. Sleep is a part of our rhythm, just like the seasons, as nature intended..

Hope you enjoyed the first issue of Bird Talk. More is yet to come. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think at <3

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