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Great Pond Foundation
Beaches Closed to Swimming
September 3, 2020
"The water that divides us from the mainland, unites us as a community. Martha’s Vineyard is celebrated for abundant and beautiful natural spaces, but one of our greatest assets is our strong and resilient community. Our physical isolation from the mainland reminds us of the essential role our community and its resources play in our ability to respond in times of crisis."

Emily Reddington | Executive Director

-excerpt from Gazette Commentary

Dangerous Portuguese Man O’ War

Please use extreme caution at beaches along the south shore of Martha's Vineyard. South-facing beaches are closed to swimming due to the abundance of Portuguese Man O’ War washing up over the last couple of days. More details can be found in the Vineyard Gazette article.


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Protect the Pond & The Planet
Restoring our coastal ecosystems is local conservation with at global impact. Eelgrass meadows in Edgartown Great Pond sequester more carbon than tropical rainforests. This carbon captured by coastal marine ecosystems is called BLUE CARBON.