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Great Pond Foundation
Opening Update
August 21, 2020
"The water that divides us from the mainland, unites us as a community. Martha’s Vineyard is celebrated for abundant and beautiful natural spaces, but one of our greatest assets is our strong and resilient community. Our physical isolation from the mainland reminds us of the essential role our community and its resources play in our ability to respond in times of crisis."

Emily Reddington | Executive Director

-excerpt from Gazette Commentary

Cut Scheduled for Saturday!

Per Edgartown Shellfish Constable, there is a cut of Edgartown Great Pond scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday August 22, 2020. Paul notes that although "3.5 is a height where we know the pond will open. August is the most important time of the year to exchange water with the sea. The Pond is currently 3.2 ft above sea level, and on the fresh side of 15 o/oo. The opening should work given a calm sea. At this point even a short opening should raise the salinity."

For each gravid (egg-bearing) female, which can have up to 1 million eggs, usually only one egg will make it to maturity. Let's help them increase the odds by leaving the females in the water.
Want Blue Crabs Next Year?

There are blue grabs congregating at the soon to be cut location. Females are attracted to the high concentrations of salt filtering in through the narrowest part of the barrier beach. Please spread the word that the blue crabs at the cut are the egg-laying females trying to get to the ocean to lay their eggs. If we want more crabs next year, we need to let these females go. Harvesting the males that are in fresher parts of the pond closer to the coves will help ensure we have crabs for future seasons.

Virtual Speaker Series
This is a casual and interactive series intended to inform stakeholders about ways to reduce our impact on Edgartown Great Pond and other local waters. You bring the cocktails, we'll provide the conversation.
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Ecosystem Monitoring Report
The Pond was cut 3 times in 2019, and each opening was considered successful based on duration and the increase in salinity seen throughout the Pond. July 2019 was unusually hot, while an algal bloom occurred in August...
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Protect the Pond & The Planet
Restoring our coastal ecosystems is local conservation with at global impact. Eelgrass meadows in Edgartown Great Pond sequester more carbon than tropical rainforests. This carbon captured by coastal marine ecosystems is called BLUE CARBON.