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Drawn to Water
December 16, 2020
‘Tis the Season
This is the season of gratitude and giving. We want to thank all our donors who have supported GPF's efforts in 2020 and encourage those who may be inpired to give to visit our website.
Science Grows with GPF

As the scope of Great Pond Foundation’s work grows, so does our scientific staff. Meet our scientific team, including our newest member, David Bouck. Full details 👇

A still morning on Edgartown Great Pond. November 27, 2020.
Why Are People Drawn to Water?

Sunrise over the Pond in December is a dynamic watercolor painting with ever-increasing light. Since adopting a puppy this fall, I have seen my fair share of sunrises. One morning three otters gathered near the pond shore, the first carried a fish in its mouth and the other two played follow the leader. Another dawn the Pond was like glass and seemed to be a bird’s paradise, with every species you could imagine basking in the early morning glow.

On these quiet mornings, when my feet have drawn me to the Pond, I find myself trying to answer a deceptively simple question my husband asked: Why are people drawn to water?

Water is the source of life, whether we are contemplating of the origins of life on earth...

Otter Video
GPF Welcomes David Bouck
Island native, David Bouck, has joined GPF’s scientific staff. David will serve as Watershed Outreach Manager and will put his academic skills to work for the benefit of Vineyard waters.
GPF Science Team
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Protect the Pond & The Planet
Restoring our coastal ecosystems is local conservation with a global impact. Eelgrass meadows in Edgartown Great Pond sequester more carbon than tropical rainforests. This carbon captured by coastal marine ecosystems is called BLUE CARBON.