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Why do you believe what you believe? Are you afraid to challenge your beliefs? ​ Take On The World Conference 2019 will expose darkness (Ephesians 5:11) and will cover topics that most churches will either deny or never talk about.
Justin and Joy will be present at a booth and doing another book giveaway during the conference, so please stop by and fellowship with us and enter the drawing! 
On March 27-29 Sacred Word Publishing will be hosting Sacred Word Revealed, a conference purposed to unveil end times mysteries to prepare the final generation. The goal is to prepare the watchmen with the Full Armor of YAH and Sword of The Spirit.

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AMAs with Zen will air live on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel on August 9th & 23rd at 9pm eastern time! If you have questions to submit please don't hesitate to e-mail us!
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This month we study the Great Commission II, beginning with the Gospel of Nicodemus: the Acts of Pontius Pilate. The Book of the Month is always 15% off at Sacred Word Publishing when you use promocode "BOOKCLUB15".
This includes the Aramaic Targum, the Great Commission I & II. 
Video of the Month
Dr Joye Pugh - Unclean Spirits
Dr. Joye Pugh joins Zen Garcia to speak about the ancient alien deception being fomented worldwide, that they are the true creators of humanity. It seems many well researched individuals, believing the Sumerian mythology over the prophetic word, are promoting through different shows like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series that the extraterrestrials are God and that they are coming to save us from ourselves.
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Hello friends I pray that life finds you blessed and in remarkable well-being. All honor, praise, gratitude, and Thanksgiving to the most high God for this moment and our awakening to every new day. My hope is that all of you are in a place within your life where you are able to recognize and acknowledge the blessings of every moment, opportunity, and chance we have to simply witness, experience, and take in our existential connection to the creation established for us by the loving kindness of our God.
It seems that while our work is being attacked, squelched, and hidden by corporate giants such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook that many of you are being led by the Godhead to examine in open-mindedness the esoteric aspect of all the work that we have done as family, company, ministry, and outreach. Interested in aspects of truth not spoken about by most mainstream Christian communities and leaders, we can see that a pulse of rising interest is being sparked amongst the truth seekers out there unwilling to simply accept, ‘well that’s just the way it is’ as answer.

Without a doubt, you know better as a community how lonely the journey to awakening, is amongst the larger populace. So few even hold interest in anything spiritual. Most hate any kind of rule or regulation which prevents them from indulging in excessive pleasure and the carnal aspects of this mortal world. In the Scriptures we are shown how even the Angels, made in immortal aspect and blessed with eternal being, relinquished their birthright simply for the chance to take from among the daughters of Cain, wives of all which they would choose.
"And to you, according to what ye wish, there shall be upon you the mind of a man and the body of a man. But take good heed to yourselves that ye transgress not My word and break not My commandment; and defile not ye yourselves with eating, or drinking, or fornication, or with any other thing whatsoever; and transgress ye not My word."    
And straightway there were given unto them with His word flesh, and blood, and a heart of the children of men. And they were content to leave the height of heaven, and they came down to earth, to the folly of the dancing of the children of CAIN with all their work of the artisan, which they had made in the folly of their fornication, and to their singings, which 
they accompanied with the tambourine, and the flutes, and the pipes, and much shouting, and loud cries of joy and noisy songs. And their daughters were there, and they enjoyed the orgies without shame, for they scented themselves for the men who pleased them, and they lost the balance in their minds. And the men did not restrain themselves for a moment, but they took to wife from among the women those whom they had chosen, and committed sin with them."
- Kebra Nagast 100
Sexual temptation is even the overall cause of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace and loss of their bright nature. In this world, we are in every way bombarded daily by the advertisement to focus not on the Kingdom but on the pleasures of this world. Even the leaders of the Christian community, who are holy in every other aspect, often make exception to the opportunity to indulge in sexual deviance. Much of our daily struggle with the devil, is in large part ignoring the voices in our head which attempt to lead us to act in manner contrary to our stance with God. Daily is it difficult to not bend to the onslaught of human weakness. We are all sinners. We all fall short. There is only one worthy, so often we query ourselves with attitude of why even try? Why not indulge one last time, fix the problem tomorrow; such mindset rages daily on within each of us.

So many believe salvation cannot be taken from them and that no matter what they do their names will always be present within the Books of Life. Friends, I want to emphasize the lateness of the hour; we must overcome rationalizing sin in excuse. A day is coming where such excuse will lead to eternal destruction. God has warned us time and time again in parable to go forth and sin no more. He has implored us, over and over throughout the Scripture, to be personally responsible in faith to His promise to restore and redeem us from the challenges of this world. That one day He will like a thief in the night, come to gather His people for the eternity promised by His prophets. Don’t miss your chance to rule and reign with Him.
Should you be interested in greater elaboration upon this message, please review The Great Contest and Great Commission Series. The former will explain the bigger picture of where we are and how we got to be at the end of the age. The latter will expound upon the many kinds of obstacles that the apostles had to overcome themselves while doing the work of the great commission. The Great Commission Three
focuses on the end time apocalypses. You realize how dominant the theme of the fig tree generation was for the apostles in speaking about the second advent and end of the age. The most extensive compilation of end time manuscripts gathered for public consideration. Studying this one book alone, will, in my opinion, bring forth the fullness of John 3:16, in elucidating why the
Father and Holy Spirit tasked Christ as the only begotten, to incarnate into this mortal world as means to redeem in love, humanity from our fallen state, and restore us to our former bright nature and place of habitation. Love you all
1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

John 14:1-3
Erased from His-story
by Justin James Garcia
Claims that the Jews removed verses from their own books of prophecy date back to times as early as the second century. Thus, we have emphasis that we should hesitate to rely on the masoretic text as the authoritative manuscript above all others. This is important for us in the west, as the KJV Bible's Old Testament is primarily derived from the Masoretic Texts. 
While doing research for ENDGEN's video Secular Biblical Sources, I became glued to Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho. My focus is primarily in apologetics and prophecy, two very broad fields which I never expected would cross in this way. Justin Martyr was one of our faith's original apologists and in his dialogue with Trypho, the Jew, readers are given distinct insight to the knowledge of early Christians. One of these insights stood out to me in particular: the Jews removed verses from their own scriptures in order to hide Messianic Prophecy, and not just that, but some synagogues during Justin Martyr's day still had undefiled versions of the original prophecies. 

Here Trypho remarked, "We ask you first of all to tell us some of the Scriptures which you allege have been completely cancelled."


And I said, "I shall do as you please. From the statements, then, which Esdras made in reference to the law of the passover, they have taken away the following: 'And Esdras said to the people, This passover is our Saviour and our refuge. And if you have understood, and your heart has taken it in, that we shall humble Him on a standard, and thereafter hope in Him, then this place shall not be forsaken for ever, says the God of hosts. But if you will not believe Him, and will not listen to His declaration, you shall be a laughing-stock to the nations.' And from the sayings of Jeremiah they have cut out the following: 'I[was] like a lamb that is brought to the slaughter: they devised a device against me, saying, Come, let us lay on wood on His bread, and let us blot Him out from the land of the living; and His name shall no more be remembered.' And since this passage from the sayings of Jeremiah is still written in some copies [of the Scriptures] in the synagogues of the Jews(for it is only a short time since they were cut out), and since from these words it is demonstrated that the Jews deliberated about the Christ Himself, to crucify and put Him to death, He Himself is both declared to be led as a sheep to the slaughter, as was predicted by Isaiah, and is here represented as a harmless lamb; but being in a difficulty about them, they give themselves over to blasphemy. And again, from the sayings of the same Jeremiah these have been cut out: 'The Lord God remembered His dead people of Israel who lay in the graves; and He descended to preach to them His own salvation.'
-Dialogue with Trypho

Justin Martyr speaks of a passage from Jeremiah that is a second witness to Isaiah 53's clear portrayal of The Messiah's suffering and betrayal. He speaks on how Ezra spoke of how the Passover feast was a prophecy in itself of The Redemptive Work of our Saviour. Another one we are familiar with in our day is how the Jews removed the phrase "pierced through my hands and feet" in Psalm chapter 22 of their modern canon. The reading in the Jewish Tanakh is "like a lion, my hands and my feet." We're at the culmination of millennia of efforts to hide The Truth, and how AMAZING is it that The Testimony of our Redemption is still so clear for those who are truly seeking! Praise Yah!

Now we see clearly the blessing we have in the information age to study more than simply the edited and blasphemed versions of the Holy Scriptures, not to mention the duty we have as The Light of the world to seek diligently the Truth behind the matters we boldly profess. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Targumim and shared canons between churches worldwide, never has a generation before had access to as much data as we do today.

In the face of the overwhelming task of undoing all the undone, my goal is to give you a sense of ease, that the entirety of the cross-proofing process is not on any one individual's shoulders. We're each called to certain points in ministry, and The Holy Spirit has risen in many soldiers across the earth to partake in this objective together. Some focus in specific portions of the Torah, and others are tuned into the prophecies. We are BLESSED to have the opportunity to do this research, but we must be prepared for the day we can no longer rely on our own knowledge.

As foretold, a day will come when we will face a choice, to bow or not to bow. In that moment, it's my prayer that we will all be founded upon The Rock of Salvation, not upon our own understandings of the depths of certain doctrines, but ONLY upon The Truth that The Creator is our Saviour, He gave the True Prophecies, Fulfilled them, defeated death, and will reign eternally with those He's shared His Divine Mercy with, those who've confessed Him before man. 

Jinja Orphanage Uganda
by Stephanie Duncan
The story of how the Endeavor Freedom family has come together to help support a small orphanage in Uganda is a beautiful one which began simply as a friendship between two sisters from opposite sides of the world. 
I met Namaganda on Facebook through a mutual friend, she was (and still is) the primary caregiver to the younger children living at the orphanage in Jinja. She and her husband Brian Buluke, founder of Affectionate Children's Ministry in Jinja, are parents themselves of a beatiful baby girl named Miracle. The young family has opened their hearts to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Jinja for three years now. Namaganda cooks for the children, bathes them, washes their clothing, she holds them when they're scared, hurting or sick. She is their "maama". She is their comfort in this world. Early in our communication, Namaganda told me there were many more children out on the streets, and she knew the number of children living at the orphanage would only increase because Brian would never stop bringing home children who need help.  She told me about how much it broke her heart to see small children following behind garbage trucks searching for scraps of food to eat. It grieved me just hearing about how desperate life was for the poor in Uganda - I couldn't imagine my own response if I was the one witnessing such need. Our beloved sister Namaganda has such a heart for the Father, she is a servant to Him, and offers her life to care for His children, children she did not bare - but children who desperately need her help as well as the safely and protection of a home.
It wasn't long before Namaganda introduced me to  Brian. I've come to know him as a steadfast brother in the faith and a man who is definitely on a mission. He is moved by the Spirit and his own compassion to minister to those around him who are greatly suffering. He is true brother and servant of the Most High God, his life
purpose is to rescue and elevate children out of poverty through faith, love, and education. The children call him "Baaba", dad. He is their protector and provider, and he too works tirelessly to see to their needs. He is a warrior for the innocent, standing guard over them and providing them a family, security, a home, food, clothing, education, direction in life, and most importantly always leading them toward Christ, our Messiah. 
When we first met, there were  37 children living at the orphanage, over the last 15 months, that number has risen to 53. Initially, there was nearly constant sickness due to the foul water which the poor must use for drinking, cooking, and washing. Although clean treated water is available for those who can afford to tap into the city lines - the orphanage did not have the funds to access to it. They, like many so many other impoverished Ugandans, were left to draw their water from nearby streams - the same streams used by animals who defecate there as well. Malaria was a constant - someone always had it, Namaganda and Brian have not been excluded from it either. In the early days of our relationship most of the money which was sent to them had to be used just to pay doctors and clinics for malaria treatments. Brian has always provided excellent documentation of the expenses. He sends pictures of clinic receipts, pictures of the sick children, pictures of children in clinic beds with IV's in their arms, pictures of children taking mounds of pills. The pictorial
documentation of their lives has been an invaluable tool in helping to share their lives and needs. It soon became obvious to me that their needs required much more help than what I could individually give to them - so I was overjoyed when I
reached out to Zen, Justin, and Joy about their plight, and Endeavor Freedom took up their cause. 

Immediately, our Endeavor Freedom family responded to the needs at the orphanage by raising funds for the water tap, and this family continues to show the love and the faithfulness of the Father by extending hands to the poor and not turning away from their need. Clean water has made all the difference in the world to them. Malaria, has all but disappeared. So many more wonderful things have now been accomplished since they are no longer paying doctors large sums of money for malaria drugs and treatments. Affectionate Children's Ministry is now running a school. They not only educate the children who live at the orphanage, but also children from the community who come there during the day to attend class - 200+ children are now attending the little school. Additionally, a worship service is held every week right on the grounds which is attended by all the children as well as members of the community. The orphanage is quickly becoming an important asset to its community, a hub of sorts, and it is truly an honor to watch them as they blossom.
Currently, our focus is upon providing proper beds for all of the children. This has long been a goal. Our past efforts having been stifled by malaria when funds had to be diverted to pay for necessary medical treatments - with that out of the way - we hope to see all of the children sleeping in a proper bed in the very near future. 
We thank you all for your love and support. Please keep these precious souls in your prayers, and if you're moved to give please do so through Endeavor Freedom, as they take 0% commission!
Blessings upon you all beautiful family of the Most High
with love,
Endeavor Freedom is a non-profit 5013c organization and all donations are tax-refundable. 
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