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Headlines from the 2020 Q4 report

There was little to celebrate in 2020, but at least clean energy offered a source of good news.

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Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels

Ten years ago, fossil fuels provided three quarters of Britain’s electricity, some 20 times more than renewables.

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2020 In Review

2020 was certainly an anomalous year for the energy sector; but many changes seen in the power system simply reflect and amplify existing trends and give us a glimpse of its near future.

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Record Wind Output And Curtailment

Britain’s wind farms hit an all-time high in 2020.

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Flexible Fossil Rewarded With Premium Prices

As Britain moves towards more renewable power, the value of having control over the timing of output is coming into sharp relief.

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Capacity and production statistics

Demand for electricity last quarter was 4% lower than the year before, as the winter was slightly milder and the second national lockdown kept demand suppressed.

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Power system records

2020 was yet another year of extremes, with the power system moving further into new territory.

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