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Wind Power Surges To New Records

February saw the first time that more electricity was produced by wind farms than gas-fired power stations across the country.

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A Final Fling With Coal Power

Two of Britain’s oldest coal power stations closed on March 31st, leaving just three left on the mainland.

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2020 got off to a pretty poor start.

Britain was battered by storms throughout January and February. Unprecedented rainfall flooded thousands of homes, but the accompanying gales sent wind power to new records.

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Electricity demand during COVID-19 lockdown

How March 2020's workday electricity demand was affected by the UK's COVID-19 lockdown (1990-2020).

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Electricity under lockdown: cheaper, cleaner, but harder to control.

April, May and June saw daily life heavily restricted for most of the Great British public. Millions of people were furloughed or working from home, with shops shuttered up and down the country.

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Electricity Prices Plummet

Power prices have fallen to their lowest in nearly two decades. Prices are down by two-thirds over the last two years, reaching a minimum of just £22/MWh over the month of May.

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The Cost Of Staying In Control

The cost of keeping Britain’s power system stable has soared, and now adds 20% onto the cost of generating electricity.

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The Low Carbon Electricity League Table

A lot can change in a decade. Around the world, coal is being pushed out of major power systems by renewables, but who has been successful at decarbonising their electricity?  

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How renewables displaced coal around the world (2010-2019)

We find that the UK has decarbonised its electricity system at almost twice the pace of any other major economy by growing renewables six-fold and slashing the use of coal.
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Power system records

Last quarter saw 11 power system records broken out of the 200+ we follow, compared to 38 in the second quarter of 2020.

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How To Handle 40 GW Of Wind?

Headline annual figures mask the huge variation in wind output that will be experienced in future. 

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