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Headlines from the 2020 Q3 report

This quarter we discuss two technologies with very different fortunes. 

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The Saudi Arabia Of Wind Power?

On October 6th, the Prime Minister reaffirmed strong commitments to offshore wind. 

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How To Handle 40 GW Of Wind?

Headline annual figures mask the huge variation in wind output that will be experienced in future. 

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Nuclear Outages Cause Output To Slump

Britain’s nuclear power production fell to what is perhaps its lowest level in 40 years.

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The Low Carbon Electricity League Table

A lot can change in a decade. Around the world, coal is being pushed out of major power systems by renewables, but who has been successful at decarbonising their electricity?  

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Capacity and production statistics

Outages and the ongoing COVID response have taken their toll on Britain’s nuclear output, which fell by almost a fifth from the same three months of last year.

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Power system records

Last quarter saw 11 power system records broken out of the 200+ we follow, compared to 38 in the second quarter of 2020.

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