This May, CLASP is building a remote team for direct, legal, and political advocacy on behalf of prisoners' rights.
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Come hang out and work with us during our second prisoners' rights Datathon! RSVP on Facebook and pick a project to get started:
  • H.R.74 ("Kalief's Law," a bill that--among other things--ends solitary confinement for juveniles)
  • Prosecutor elections and data
  • The I.L.A. prisoner paralegal case
  • Anonymous testimony from New Jersey prisoners
  • Examining prison architecture and solitary confinement
As usual, the Datathon is open to everyoneSend us an email if you'd like to sign up, or simply Skype @billimarie the day of to join.

Volunteer Projects

Kalief's Law

Ban solitary confinement for juveniles across the nation.

We're working with affiliate organizations to advocate on behalf of "Kalief's Law," a bill introduced earlier this year that, if passed, would limit solitary confinement for juveniles. Assignments include:

  • Reading through the bill and writing a summary/primer
  • Brainstorming website ideas, working directly with prisoners, and best ways to reach the public

Prisoner Reports

Update the New Jersey Prisoner Reports with new anonymous testimonies.

Additional prisoner testimony have been published by the AFSC's Prison Watch Project. We've published the anonymous reports online as a public, searchable database: New Jersey Prisoner Reports.

Get involved by typing new entries into our database. (Basic HTML knowledge required.)


U.S. Prosecutors

Organize prosecutor knowledge at the local, state, and federal level.

Interested in volunteering? You can get involved in a few ways:

  • Work remotely with local Philly organizations to help voters learn more about each candidate
  • Add prosecutors and upcoming elections to the database
  • Brainstorm new ways to display information that will help taxpayers, voters, and community members hold their local prosecutors accountable

(FYI: the primary election for Philadelphia's next DA will be held May 16th.)


ILA Complaint

Work on a case for the Inmate Legal Association (a nonprofit of prisoner paralegals assiting other prisoners legally).
We're helping the ILA file a complaint that alleges retaliation by New Jersey State Prison officials. Tasks include:
  • Organizing materials
  • Researching
  • Enhancing legal arguments


Link prison architecture and solitary confinement.

We believe mass incarceration would not be possible without solitary confinement. This project deconstructs prisoner spaces by mapping out physical prison architecture, especially as it relates to building for isolated confinement purposes. Assignments include:

  • Collecting prison maps, blueprints, and images
  • Researching prison architecture theory

Thanks + Keep In Touch

Huge thanks to our awesome team of volunteers!
  • Aya spearheaded the prosecutor election data-mining process
  • Dhairya compiled the legal ILA complaint into a digestible, detailed summary
  • Lori is managing the organization of ILA case documents
  • ...and additional volunteers are adding new prosecutors to our database

Thanks for your suggestions, ideas, and feedback!

Feel free to email us (Billimarie, Kunal) with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. For a faster response, send me a direct message on Slack.

FYI: There's a private Facebook group for CLASP Volunteers who want to get to know each other and keep in touch.
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