The 2022 SchoolHouse Connection
Scholarship Application is Live!

We are now accepting applications for SchoolHouse Connection’s Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program for students entering college for the first time in the 2023-2024 school year.

[Deadline to apply: October 15, 2022, 11:59 PM PST]

“I have value, I have worth. I am not alone. We are not family by blood, but family in the sense that those who work at SchoolHouse care about me on a personal level. School house connection has allowed me to recognize that I have importance. In doing so they inspired me to help others who have experienced hardships. Schoolhouse connection will always have a place in my heart” - Diego, SchoolHouse Connection Scholar

The SHC Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program

  • Provides scholarships to youth who have experienced homelessness to ensure their completion of a post-secondary education program.
  • Assists youth with financial aid processes, mental health advocacy and referrals, professional legal advocacy and referrals, and assistance in locating and establishing local contacts for general support and services.
  • Builds a stable peer and adult support network for recipients, before, during, and after their college careers, and into their transition into the workforce.
  • Offers young people meaningful opportunities to engage in advocacy, while providing sustained support services to help ensure graduation and success in life.

The One-Time Award

  • $2,000 scholarship award.
  • A minimum of 10 scholarships are awarded.
  • An Awards Celebration Trip (travel and expenses included).
  • Second gathering in Washington, DC one year after the initial scholarship award (all expenses included).
  • One-on-one support from SchoolHouse Connection staff to ensure that youth are successful in getting to and through higher education.
  • A national network of peers.

Who Should Apply?

  • Applicants must have been born on or after October 15, 2002.
  • Applicants must be entering college (four year, community college, or trade school) for the first time in 2023 (not including dual-enrollment courses).
  • Applicants must have experienced homelessness within the last six years.
  • Applicants must reside in the United States.
  • Undocumented students who meet these criteria are eligible.
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“SchoolHouse Connection has become a system of great support to me, and they helped me realize that I am not alone. More than that, I am inspired by hearing the stories of accomplishments by others that were once homeless. Being involved with this organization has motivated me to accomplish even more and also helped to erase the shame I once felt . I am so grateful to all that have contributed so that I can achieve my dream of a college degree, something I once didn't think was possible.”
- Anthony, SchoolHouse Connection Scholar
SchoolHouse Connection is a national non-profit organization working to overcome homelessness through education. We provide strategic advocacy and practical assistance in partnership with early childhood programs, schools, institutions of higher education, service providers, families, and youth. We believe education is the only permanent solution to homelessness. Learn about us.
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