Hello friends 👋,

Welcome to my first ever newsletter. I’ve been hoarding stuff to use during this historic event so this might be a long one. Pretty exciting, right? Here we go.

Pejzaż – Noce i Dnie

I’ve designed a cover for the latest Pejzaż album. “Noce i Dnie” (Nights and Days) is the most dreamy of Pejzaż’s works so far. It explores mainly old 78 records (released by Polish musicians abroad) documenting traditional culture and folklore.

Both, the cover and inner sleeve are completely custom made of premium paper. The cover features debossing and a glued in photo of now destroyed spa building in Brzozowo, Poland.

More photos at:
My website

Andrzej Korzyński – Niezłe Numery
(Remixy i Bajery) 🌀

Another The Very Polish Cut–Outs release (and not the last one in this newsletter). Andrzej Korzyński was (he passed away last month, sadly) one of the most important, celebrated and influential Polish musicians of the XX century. He wrote plenty of pop hits, collaborated with world renown movie directors like Andrzej Wajda and Andrzej Żuławski, and played a key part in the legendary studio group Arp Life. “Niezłe Numery” EP consists of four top notch edits and remixes carefully picked by the composer himself.

The cover came to existence using my traditional method of cutting out objects from paper, scanning, colouring and endlessly rearanging in the computer. This time the end result was quite close to what I had in mind during the knife phase.

Proof ↴

More photos at Behance. The cover was recently featured in “Music Packaging” gallery ✌️

Recognition for “Echo Wielkiej Płyty”

Staying on the music subject, I’m happy to share that my cover of double LP compilation “Echo Wielkiej Płyty” was featured in Top 10 best covers in annual CoverAwarts competition in Graphic Design category. You can see the complete list here.

Speaking of “Echo Wielkiej Płyty” – last week premiered a digital only EP with remixes of selected tracks from the compilation. The cover I designed is a take on the the original design. You can listen and buy the EP on Bandcamp. Streaming services are coming soon.

Animations for Andrzej Rysuje

I teamed up with Andrzej Rysuje to animate his drawings. If you’re not familiar, he’s one of the most popular Polish commentary cartoonists. You can catch the animations on his Instagram and Tik Tok. Disclaimer: the humour is Polish.

Bryan Washington – Upamiętnienie Book Cover

Recently Wydawnictwo Cyranka published the Polish edition of much acclaimed Bryan Washington’s “Memorial” with a cover of my design. It’s a novel telling a story of a rough relationship between two men, one of them Black, one of Japanese descent.

More photos of the cover coming soon.

What’s next

👉 I’m working on couple exciting record covers. One of them is really something else and I can’t wait to share it with you.
👉 I finished a rebranding project and hope I’ll be able to publish it soon.
👉 I’m nearly done with a pretty cool feature on my website. Next time you’ll get my newsletter it will be finished.

And there’s more but for now I’m signing off. Have a nice Monday!

— Bartosz