Greetings 👋,

I have some music related projects I want to share with you. One of which especially is super exciting. So let’s get to it!

New record cover for Petr Yac’s LP

I’ve designed a cover for Petr Yac’s latest album. The cover design is the result of an attempt to graphically represent the album's music that is minimalist but full of lively nuances. Using the possibilities of digital printing, each copy of the cover is unique. Compositions were created using a proprietary program, that generated them randomly based on predetermined rules.

These all are unique variations of the cover. No two identical exist 🤯

Every cover consists of seven rectangles, each representing one track. Which rectangle (from the pool of available ones) represents a given track, its position and the layer order was randomly decided by a computer program I wrote.

This might be my most ambitious and experimental cover to date. It took six months to create and produce. I’ve written an extensive case study detailing the creation process. Have a look for a nerd out.

🟡 Case study on my website

Website refresh

Speaking of my website, I gave it a fresh lick of paint. I’ve also refreshed the work selection. Added some, deleted some. Have a look via link below.

🖥 My website

Fisz Emade Tworzywo × Zuchy

For those of you living outside the Polish rap scene – Fisz Emade is an acclaimed rapper/producer brothers duo that have been active musically for a long time. I remember listening to them as an 18 year old baby. Now I’ve created a cover for a single with remixes of their track “Za Mało Czasu” (“Too Little Time” in English). The remixes are done by a The Very Polish Cut-Outs duo Zuchy. The design is a typographic experiment playing with the title and the space of the cover.

More pictures on my website

Belmondawg × The Very Polish Cut–Outs

In my last newsletter I’ve mentioned the cover for Belmondawg’s remix EP. Since then I’ve shot some pictures of said cover. Check them out you know where and also on my Behance. Pretty happy with this one!

🟦 Photos on my Behance

Record Cover Archive

Just a reminder that I have a constantly updated archive of all my covers on my website ✌️

📜 Record cover archive

That’s all folks

That’s it for now. I’ll see you next year. Have a happy holidays y’all 👋

— Bartosz