Hi everyone! I wanted to share a quick update about my plans for Autoplaylists now that Google Play Music is shutting down.

In short, I don't have plans to make Autoplaylists support YouTube Music. From a technical point of view it looks difficult - the backend is an entirely new system and every current interaction with Google Music would have to change - and from a product point of view YouTube Music has disappointed me so far.

Once Google Music becomes unavailable I'll make Autoplaylists a free extension, which I expect will cancel any existing subscriptions. If you want to cancel before then you can always follow the link in the FAQ. I'll probably leave the store listing up until I figure out what to do with it. The source code will also remain available in case it's useful to anybody.

We had a good run! Feel free to reach out with any questions.
For the curious, I've switched back to using MediaMonkey to manage my library and sync files to my phone. I wrote a little script that can import playcount and last-played metadata from Google Music in case that's useful to anyone.
Simon Weber
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