Dear <<First Name>>,

From time to time, I have tried my hand at simple electrical work.  Nothing complicated, just connecting a few wires to a switch or an outlet.  Sometimes when I flip the switch, the lights come on.  Sometimes, well, let's just say the sparks fly!
Everything is great when the connections are solid and secure. But just one loose connection and nothing works properly.
A loose wire here, a faulty switch there, and the lights won't turn on.  The same is true of our relationships with others, isn't it?  No matter what we try, we often can't connect with others in a way that lights up the relationship.  
While we are not in the electrical business at ECM, we are in the business of fixing broken connections, of reconnecting people with each other and their creator, the God of the universe.  We are in the business of connecting people with Jesus, who restores and rebuilds all their broken relationships.
We see the results of broken relationships wherever we look, in the families and communities where we serve.  And we need your partnership to turn on the lights again.
Will you help us brighten up the lives of those living in the dark, struggling to see the way forward?
Through your partnership, many have already had their lives completely transformed through the power of the Gospel.

  • Emmanuel, orphaned at the age of one and cared for by his grandmother, had no hope of ever getting an education.  When he learned that he could continue in school, he gave thanks to God and exclaimed, "It is such a great feeling to know I can go to senior high school!  We were trusting God for a miracle, and here I am today!"
  • Joseph showed up at one of ECM's Sunday School teacher training seminars only to realize that he himself had never accepted Christ!  He soon understood that he could not teach something that he himself did not accept as truth, and he placed his trust in Christ. He was then baptized and is now helping to reach the next generation for Jesus!
  • Malnourished and ill, little Prince Kofi loitered on the streets of his village until ECM took him in at Haven of Hope. He is now a healthy young boy with a bright future, receiving a life-changing Christian education and loving care from ECM staff.

Would you consider a gift of $50, $200, $1000, or even more to allow for more lives to be transformed?  Your partnership allows us to work with children, families, and communities to restore the broken relationships that keep them from being all God wants them to be. In the coming months, we plan to:

  • Start a pilot program called Community Connection, in which we work closely with community, school, and church leaders to find solutions to the problems that are holding them back and causing broken relationships
  • Strengthen and expand our ministry to families (Family Empowerment), helping parents find sustainable solutions to the obstacles they face
  • Continue Sunday School development and teacher training
  • Continue our direct ministry to children, providing spiritual, educational, and physical support as needed
  • Strengthen our ministry to young adults who are transitioning from sponsorship to independence (Next Step), giving them hope for a better future

Thank you for already making a difference in the lives of these children and families through your prayers and financial support.  To give a gift today, just click here!  Your partnership is needed now more than ever if power is going to be restored in the communities of Uganda, Congo, and Ghana! 
Keeping the lights on,

Mark Luckey
Executive Director

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