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As we greet the New Year, we acknowledge the devastation caused by Australia’s bushfires, which have not only been world news but have claimed too many lives, including international firefighters, who came to help. The impact on the environment and the wildlife is, as yet, not fully understood, but this is definitely an environmental and an economic disaster. Now, the news has turned to a new threat, a novel coronavirus. Not constrained by national boundaries, and for which we see international collaborative efforts, the world looks to understand the threat and find a vaccine. While NIF is not directly engaged at this time, these events highlight the need for increased research and collaboration across all domains. The NIF team is passionate about both.
We join with our NCRIS colleagues, as well as international colleagues in Global Bioimaging, in ensuring that the research infrastructure exists to address the many challenges facing our society. Through our newsletter, we will share just a few of the great projects to which NIF contributes, and hope that our readers will better appreciate the value of research.

3D printed devices to treat traumatic pelvic fractures

Using the University of Melbourne’s NIF Node CT with input from PET/CT Facility Fellow Rob Williams and radiographer Rebecca Glarin, this collaborative research project aims to assess the feasibility of 3D printing fracture plates to treat traumatic fractures and speed up the production of devices at the point-of-care for a patient.
Read more: NIF website  | | Enquiries: Mr Rob Williams

Response of metastatic cancers to immunotherapy after lymph node removal

A collaborative team at the University of Western Australia is seeking to determine the impact of lymph node removal at the time of tumour resection to subsequent immunotherapy outcomes. The progress of tumours in murine models of lung metastatic cancer is being tracked using the IVIS bioluminescence imager at the UWA CMCA Node. 
Read more: NIF website || Enquiries: Ms Diana Patalwala

Towards FAIR principles for research software

In a beautiful example of collaboration, 18 authors - including NIF CVL Training Coordinator, Paula Martinez - have published a position paper about FAIR, research software, software sustainability and reproducible research. Be sure to take a look and if you have any questions about FAIR or eResearch, please reach out!

Job Opportunities

Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page for updated postings!

Research Data Culture Pathways Forum for Research Higher Degree Students

Is the research data culture in Australia effective and FAIR? Are you early in your research career and hope to shape the culture around research data practices? You should definitely get to the Research Data Culture (RDC) Pathways Forum, 7th of Feb at St Lucia. Register here.  

Automating neuroimaging analysis workflows with Nipype, Arcana and Banana

NIF Informatics Fellow Dr Tom Close will be repeating the highly successful neuroimaging analysis workshop, this time in Sydney. Register now to ensure your spot on the 10th of February, 2020.

eResearch New Zealand 2020 

From the 12th to the 14th of February, Dunedin, NZ, will host the 2020 eResearch NZ. For further information and registration, please see the website. 

ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meetings and Exhibitions 

Come visit the NIF Exhibition Booth at ISMRM in Sydney, from April 17 - 23. Join in with the biggest gathering of MR clinicians,
physicists, engineers, biochemists, radiographers & technologists and industry professionals in Australia in 2020! Find out more, here.


Australia Dementia Forum

The fifth annual NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (NNIDR) Australian Dementia Forum 2020 will be held in Adelaide from 31 May - 2 June. Roundtable and special interest group sessions will convene Sunday 31 May 2020. Abstract submission and registration here.

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