Happy Valentine's Day with new Art by TheresEB
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Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't have a Valentine's Day story for you. So, here is another one instead. I hope by now you know it takes a long time to finish a piece of art. Some pieces are finished and have never been exhibited. 

Back in 2008, I was working on a piece of art. This was going to be a highly decorative piece. The drawing took a long time with all the measuring, marking, and inking. I ended up with eight large spaces suitable for frames. 

Off I went on a business trip to Luxembourg. What a great trip! I saw the catacombs, the Porta Nigra in Trier, and many more sights. While I was there, I discovered my name on the city map! 

When I returned from a very successful business trip, I continued work on my new piece of art. Those eight large spaces were perfect for people. All I had to do was decide who to put in. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, and the Dalai Lama were obvious choices. Mother Teresa and Rumi seemed like perfect choices. I do real well with animals so Saint Francis of Assisi just had to be included.

That left only one empty space. Who to put there? Moses seemed to dour since the others were all smiling. Everyone I could think of from the Old Testament seemed rather unhappy. I wanted happy, smiling people. That last space was a problem. Then I remembered the Luxembourg map. What did Saint Marie Therese look like? She has my name (juxtaposed), she used the catacombs I visited, and she was smiling. That was enough to convince me.

So a business trip added to my art!

This piece was finished before "zentangle" was created. "Saints" breaks with traditional art in that much of the focal area is outside the center of the image. 

"Saints" will be on exhibit for the Open Studios art tour the last weekend of April, 2017. Be sure to stop by.

30w x 40h inches
Colored pencil and ink on rough cotton water color paper
Reflections of Tree
20w x 30h inches
Colored pencil and ink on rough cotton water color paper
Butterflies and Swans
12 x 12 inches
Sold $800.00
Save the Date!
February Art Exhibit - Cottonwood Public Library
My art will be on exhibit for the month of February at the Cottonwood, AZ public library.

March 21 - Art Demonstration, 9 am - noon, March 21, 2017
I will exhibit art, work on a piece in progress and answer your questions at the Cottonwood, AZ public library.

Annual SVAC Open Studios Art Tour - April 28, 29, & 30
Every year the Sedona Visual Arts Coalition (SVAC) puts on the famous Open Studios Art Tour. This is your chance to visit my art studio and see what I do and where I do my art. New art will be on display. This is a great chance to pick up collector art. 

Be sure to stop by and visit. 

Therese Black

Art by TheresE B
Story-telling Wisdom and Nature Art.

Imagine physics, geometry, meditation, and nature embraced by elaborate baroque ornamentation with bright colors and symmetrical decoration. I layer colored pencil, ink, and sometimes acrylic paint on watercolor paper to create elaborate, fine art. My art explores the inner journey everyone experiences in life.

Art by TheresE B is to art as the Faberge Egg is to jewelry.

Visit my website at to see more art.

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