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This week is World Autism Awareness Week - an opportunity to celebrate as well as encourage awareness and education.

Did you know only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment and over 60% of employers say they do not know how to support them?

As a Business Ambassador for Ambitious About Autism we want to take this opportunity to highlight the amazing work they are doing, signpost some useful resources and raise awareness about some of the things we need to think about as employers.

We have a simple philosophy here at The GC Index and this is that everyone has a positive impact to make on the world and it’s our role to unleash that. With this in mind, we include some practical tools and information to demonstrate how you can do just this.

Together, let's make our world a better place.
Want to find out more about autism?
According to GC Partner, Ambitious About Autism, autism affects the way a person communicates and how they experience the world around them. It is considered a spectrum condition. While autistic people share some similar characteristics, they are also all different from each other. The autism spectrum isn't linear from high to low but varies, just as one person might vary from another.

Some people with autism are able to live relatively independent lives but others may face additional challenges, including learning disabilities, which means their support needs are different.

Ambitious About Autism have lots of fantastic resources on their website if you'd like to find out more.
Watch Ambitious About Autism's Youth Patrons explain what it’s like being autistic. From stimming to meltdowns, their videos will help you find out more about autism and how you can support autistic people.
Georgina Wilson, Head of Partnerships at Ambitious about Autism says, “We are proud to partner with The GC Index, an organisation whose values and purpose are so aligned to our own. We look forward to achieving positive change together by helping people with autism understand how they make their impact and making sure employers are enabled and empowered to recognise and support the valuable contribution that they can make to the workplace.” 
Become a Business Ambassador for Ambitious About Autism
For us here at The GC Index it is a very simple message. We don’t want people to hire people just because they are autistic, we want to enable organisations to value people on the autistic spectrum for the positive impact they can bring to a role, team and organisation. Just like we would do with anyone else.

If you are interested in joining us to become a Business Ambassador for Ambitious about Autism you can
find out more here.
Ambitious About Autism have created an Employ Autism Business Ambassador Group consisting of like-minded business leaders working collaboratively to develop their Employ Autism programme.
Autistic community disproportionately affected by COVID-19
It is clear that the autistic community have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, according to Ambitious About Autism. Some are denied the basic right to an education that meets their needs; others are isolated at home, unable to benefit from supportive friendships, and prevented from engaging in community activities; and too many are left with no prospects at all. 

Autistic children, young people and their families need you now, more than ever.
Necessary government restrictions resulted in the cancellation of all of Ambitious About Autism's physical fundraising events and so on Sunday 9th May the team are launching a 36 hour digital fundraising campaign with an ambitious target of £250,000.  

You can pledge your support for this campaign by becoming an Ambitious Champion.  This involves promoting this campaign across your networks.

To find out more please join Ambitious About Autism at 8pm on Tuesday 27th April (BST) where they will explain this exciting campaign and answer any questions you might have. 
Find out more about becoming an Ambitious Champion
Managing people based on the impact they want to make
We have highlighted our Managing People With The GC Index Top Tips document above. This offers practical advice about how you can manage others effectively based on the contribution they can make.

We have a fundamental belief that everyone can make an impact in their world and are committed to fostering the impact and contribution from everyone.

If you would like more information, please contact us at
Find out more
Shift focus to invest in how people can best contribute
We know poor communication is often to blame for conflict in teams and people with autism can often experience difficulties with social communication.

We use The GC Index® framework with organisations, teams and individuals, to change the way people communicate and build trust. When people have a fundamental understanding of how everyone in their team is contributing to the goal everything starts coming together and we see real collaboration.

Most of our clients encourage their teams to openly share their GC Index Profile with colleagues and wider stakeholders - we are seeing more and more individuals save it as their virtual background.

At a time where so many people are working remotely, Zoom and Teams meetings are now commonplace, this is an incredibly effective way to help build relationships quickly. It helps people understand how you are going to make an impact and enables you to identify roles and move to action much more quickly.
Request GC Index virtual background
Share your GC Index Profile in your signature

Many people also add their GC Index® Impact style into their email signatures as a way of making it easier for people to understand the best impact they wish to make to a role, team or organisation.

This enables people to quickly:

  • Highlight how they best want to contribute
  • Show what type of work gives them the most energy 
  • Understand how they can best add value to others
  • Let others know how to get the best out of them
  • Value people for the impact they want to make 
  • Create a common language of impact and contribution across organisations
Connecting people with homes: NEW case study

GC Partner, Elysianhas been using The GC Index® with Imagine Estate Agents. They started by using it with the leadership team and then rolled it out across the whole company.

Mike Cole, Managing Director at Imagine, shared some amazing stories of how The GC Index framework has helped restructure the team and now he won't recruit anyone into the organisation without using it.

Mike Cole, Managing Director at Imagine said,
“Had we been using The GC Index® from the beginning we could have saved ourselves two years of frustration  and some very difficult conversations.”
Download our NEW case study: Imagine Estate Agents

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