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Within this issue of GC Monthly we include information about the emergence of The GC Index 5% Week and explain why we are asking staff to work a maximum of 5% for a week. We would be really interested in hearing your thoughts and to find out whether you are doing something similar within your organisation so do let us know.

We also share insight from our Chief Psychologist about why we tend to trust 'people like us', share a neat little trick to help you diarise things according to your energy and provide information about becoming a GC People Company.

We hope you enjoy the read.


Why we are asking staff to work a maximum of 5% during their working week?
Like many of you we have been working around the clock, balancing work, with the added pressures that come with the Covid-19 lockdown – children at home, home-schooling, heightened anxiety – which can only be maintained for so long.
Our people have been running on empty here at The GC Index for a few weeks. Whilst working hard is certainly not something we are afraid of, and it’s fantastic to be so busy, I recognise the urgent need for the team to refresh and recharge. 
So, I have been thinking about how to respond to these challenges. 
Do we give our people more holiday? What would happen if we just closed the whole company down for a week? 

Whilst closing the company for a week was my favourite idea it quickly became very apparent to me that many of the team would not be able to disconnect whilst off because they would be worrying too much. To quote the last page of the Mr Worry book by Robert Hargreaves, Mr Worry said: “I’m worried because I don’t have anything to worry about” and he went home to worry about not having anything to worry about! 


So, we created ‘The GC Index 5%  Week’ – The GC Index team will ‘down tools’ from Monday 20th July-Friday 24th July and only work a maximum of 5% of the time during this week. This break is in additional to the normal holiday they can take during the year through our fully flexible holiday scheme.

You can read more about this here.
Simon Court, from GC Partner's Value Partnership, ran a webinar for leaders recently focusing on how they can lead with conviction. Within this he introduced The GC Index® as a tool to help give leaders sharper clarity about where they make their strongest impact and help make better people decisions.
Simon says, “If you are aware of your strengths and how you operate best you have the power to choose the people around you who compliment those strengths rather than duplicate them.

"This is one of the things great leaders do – they surround themselves by people who can focus on the things that they are not particularly good at or do not want to focus on themselves.”
Millions of us use Microsoft Outlook every day to manage emails and organise our diaries.
But can you honestly say you organise your working day or week to ensure you maximise your impact?

GCologist, Shantonu Chaundur from
 GC Partner Confluent Energy, has developed a fantastic trick to help you identify how things you do throughout the day impact your energy levels, allowing you to embed The GC Index framework of impact into your daily tasks.
He suggests you include the five GC Index® proclivities into your Outlook as categories, allowing you to track and tag what you are up to.

Shantonu says, 

“Doing this enables me to identify whether I will feel low and washed out after a morning of implementing or uplifted and invigorated after an afternoon of strategising, and plan something to do to give myself a boost after a day polishing.” 
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Here at The GC Index we have a profound interest in individual differences and the nature of talent. But one of the things we often struggle with is how the labels of difference get used for bad as well as good. Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index, shares his thoughts in an article he wrote for Changeboard.

Dr John Mervyn-Smith says, "We tend to feel more comfortable when we have labelled someone because we can make decisions about them, we can decide to trust or not to trust, to invest or not, to be loyal or not, to vote for them or not. We can be comfortable in the illusion that we ‘know’ someone.”

Labels are too often used as an end point, rather than a starting point, which is why there is so much discrimination in the world. “We can trust 'People Like Us' on the basis that we share with them a whole host of characteristics that we think we understand. We don’t trust ‘People Not Like Us’ because they don’t,” adds John.

John's article reminded me of an interaction I had with a CEO, who I was introduced to in Germany, just before delivering one of our workshops with his leadership team. I was introduced to him as "Nathan from The GC Index." to which he responded with "Ahhh, so you are the guy who is going to put us all into boxes..." A little taken aback I said, "Well, there are 100,000 boxes to choose from so take your pick.."

It was interesting to be labelled as someone who 'labels people'. I love that The GC Index® has over 100,000 different profile combinations, which is a good number to start with when considering the diversity of human beings.

As John says, "Labels need to be used as a starting point for a conversation of understanding, not an end point – this is a label used well."

This is where The GC Index® comes in. It helps remove unconscious bias by providing a language and framework to understand how people make their impact.

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We talk to GC People Company TM Forum's Talent Director, Jo Lewis, about what it means to be a GC People Company and how it's helping their employer brand.
Rencai Group, Management Consulting Company, is also using its GC People Company status to show it is an employer of choice and uses The GC Index® to empower everyone to make their best impact.
Matt Wilden, Founder & MD of Rencai Group, says, “We’re proud to become a GC People Company. As we grow The GC Index® will be a key tool to enhance our hiring process to further identify our future superstars  based on culture fit, working style and desire to make an impact!”
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