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Let's get ready to rumble.
~ Photo by ATL photographer, feminist and gem Lizzy Johnston ~

Let's March 

Anybody have any plans this weekend? Brunching with abandon? Rewatching Friends for the 18th time? Not having recurring nightmares about neverending Thanksgivings with ultra-conservative relatives?

Today seems like a great day for some gardening, a long nap or, perhaps, anything other than watching Donald "I'm not a puppet, you're the puppet" Trump be sworn in as our 45th president. Regardless of whether you watch -- but, honestly, who wants to give him the ratings satisfaction? -- you wouldn't be alone if you felt like his rise to power inflamed your own desire to take action.

According to a post-election, nonpartisan poll, two-thirds of "upset" Americans have taken some form of action in the wake of Trump's win, including "paying more attention to elected officials' actions," "teaching my children about consent" and "thinking about how to get more women in political office." 

And, for millions of people in the U.S. and abroad on Saturday, marching can get tacked on to that list.

Officials expect around 200,000 people for the D.C. Women's March alone, from seasoned activists with a history of agitation to Wall Street women who've never held a protest sign. Activists and allies are set to take to the streets in all 50 states and at least 57 other countries, gathering in solidarity against the sexism, misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia that's been raging (and, hey, not just on U.S. soil).

If you plan to participate, keep your eyes peeled: C&C will be out there grabbing back with you -- Cristen in Atlanta and Caroline in D.C.  

Just imagine the collective cultural impact if we can sustain, support and incentivize these practical and political acts of wokeness. Sure it's lofty and long-term, but that's what hope is all about, right? 

~ Send us your march thoughts and photos ~

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Y'all, there was a 'queer dance party' on Mike Pence's street in DC this week.
News If You're Nasty

Of course, it’s difficult to pull together an enormous group of women who may have nothing in common other than the conviction that a country led by Trump endangers their own freedoms and the freedoms of those they love. That conviction is nonetheless the beginning of the resistance that those planning to attend the march hope to constitute. - Jia Tolentino, New Yorker

Keep Marching
  • Women’s March expected to be the largest gathering of people with disabilities in US history (Vox)
  • 'Pussyhat' knitters join long tradition of crafty activism (BBC)
  • Do Better Women's Marching (Do Better Dispatch)
Keep Working
  • A rare corner of finance where women dominate (New York Times
  • Women finally represent more than a fifth of the delegates at Davos (Quartz)
  • Putting more women on a path to political power (New York Times
  • Air India to launch women-only seats after sexual harassment reports (Independent)
Keep Woke
  • Trump team prepares dramatic cuts -- including to Violence Against Women grants (Hill)
  • Makeshift justice the only recourse for ill-protected women at South Sudan camp (Guardian)
  • Mass incarceration pushes black children further back in school (Atlantic

Nasty Woman of the Week: Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren hit two outta the park this week.

On Tuesday, C-SPAN footage of Warren grilling Trump's pick for education secretary, super rich Michigander Betsy DeVos, went super viral. Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a frickin' nest of angry hornets, Warren exposed DeVos's shaky positions (re: she apparently has none?) on protecting students from for-profit colleges' "waste, fraud and abuse," not to mention the fact that DeVos has apparently never even been in the same room as a financial aid form.  

Taking to Facebook later in the day (#celebsarejustlikeus), Warren made her feelings crystal: "I don’t see how she can be the Secretary of Education."

Warren wasn't done. The next day, she grilled Rep. Tom Price, the nominee to head up Health and Human Services and therefore oversee small things like health care policy, over his super-shady one-two punch of purchasing stock in a company that manufactures hip and knee replacements six days before he introduced a bill in the U.S. House that would benefit companies like that one. She also pushed him on whether he'd cut Medicare and Medicaid, something Trump has said he wouldn't do.

"You might want to print out President-elect Trump's statement—'I am not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid'—and post that above your desk in your new office," Warren said, "because Americans will be watching to see if you follow through on that promise."

Honorable mentions: Soccer star Alex Morgan, two courageous Indian schoolgirls, badass gynecologist Jen Gunter


Five-Second Therapy

Gorgeous shots of Egyptian ballerinas on the streets of Cairo highlight how little freedom of movement many women there actually get to enjoy.

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That's What She Said: Shirley Chisholm

"Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes."

Learn more about Shirley "Unbought and Unbossed" Chisholm.
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