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Marching On

Hello you wonderful babe- and non-babe-identifying gems! Last Saturday was one of, if not the, largest single-day protests in U.S. history. An official tally has been hard to come by, partly since there were so damn many of us around the country and the globe; Women's March organizers report 673 sister marchers took place outside the Beltway. Even Antarctica got nasty!

Caroline marched in DC alongside legends like National Organization for Women prez,Terry O'Neill.

Back home, Cristen stomped through downtown Atlanta.

(Proficient-ish in Sharpie and heart stickers is a resume-worthy skill, yeah?) 

How many grabbed back? Approximately a LOT.

Yes, the 'Count Me' text is legit -- hurray! But it isn't especially precise. By one rough estimate, one in every 100 Americans turned out. Crowd scientists working in the most claustrophobic STEM field determined the DC March was three times larger than the previous day's inaugural smattering. Even more incalculable: All of the feels we felt: catharsis, solidarity, joy, productive rage.

Women across India were feeling it, too. Last Saturday, thousands turned out for #IWIllGoOut marches demanding safety for women and girls in public spaces in the wake of what media reports have described as "mass molestations" and subsequent dismissal by local police and straight-up victim-blaming by home minister G. Parameshwara. In response to its shared date with the U.S.-based Women's March, Indian organizer Divya Titus told CNN, "We align with the overarching causes of marching against patriarchy and misogyny, but the context in India is very specific." 

Regardless of where we live, we're gonna need this energy and inspiration for the marathon ahead. We're gonna need one another to not only engage the folks in our backyards but also to support far-flung strangers across the globe who are fighting for a social justice, security and survival just like we are.

The stakes are treacherously high, and yes we can.

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news if you're nasty
Some not-depressing things happened!
  • The National Education Association has rallied more than 1 MILLION people to email and more than 40,000 to call their senators to oppose the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary. (The Washington Post)
  • After baker Collette Divitto was rejected from every bakery she applied to because she has Down syndrome, she opened her own shop, which she hopes to grow into employment opportunities for people with disabilities. (SF Gate)
  • Don't think you can run for office? Just Google it! That's how Rachel Hadley eventually unseated a veteran city council member in Sonoma County, California, and she shares how she did it. (Fortune)
  • Venus and Serena. Nuff said. (ESPN)

Resources for resistance
Two number-one trickies: 
  • Global Gag Rule: This is the gross-out nickname for a gross-out U.S. foreign aid funding ban that affects any global family planning providers that so much as mention abortion, much less recommend it. It's also known as the Mexico City Policy since it was first introduced there in 1984 at the United Nations' International Conference on Population. Ever since President Reagan first enacted it through executive orders, Republican successors have similarly greenlit it, while Democrats have routinely revoked it. Ironically, the Global Gag Rule directly correlates to higher maternal mortality rates, unintended pregnancies and ... wait for it ... higher abortion rates under riskier protocols. Read more on its impact in Asia, Africa and what we can do to help those affected
  • Sanctuary cities: Somewhat of a misnomer, this term actually refers more to county-level than municipal policies since, as The Washington Post explains, counties usually oversee jails. Basically, they're counties that don't detain undocumented immigrants to hand them over to federal agents for deportation. Not surprisingly, our Wall Builder in Chief and his administration at large isn't a fan, so he signed a somewhat vague executive order to cut off federal funds to said sanctuaries. Here's what cities and states can do to resist and how we can help immigrant populations under threat

unladylike tv
If you're ever feeling immobilized with POTUS-induced panic, a dose of "Full Frontal" will do ya.
nasty woman of the week

All Hail Constance Wu

Wu is one of the nastiest women in Hollywood, and this week she used her platform to shout-out the industry's selective attention span for white dudes who do some terrible, awful stuff to women on-set and off. 

In response to the Academy Awards' lovefest for Casey Affleck, she tweeted: 

That was just one of a series of truth bombs she dropped, so if you aren't already following her, do your Twitter feed a fave.

Oh, and if you ever want to hear a mind-blowing story about Casey Affleck's PR machine, buy Cristen a drink sometime. 
and now this

Five-Second Therapy

Courtesy of glorified sponges that somehow cost, like, $20. (Related: Why do they cost so much?? Please do tell.) 

It's actually more entertaining than expected to watch guys try to guess what this is. Until you remember what's happening to democracy in the U.S.

That's What She Said: Mary Tyler Moore

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”

The TV trailblazer passed away on Wednesday at 80.

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