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World Church Leaders Go Door to Door

By Stephen Apola  | General Conference Publishing Ministries

More than 200 world church leaders, invitees, and their spouses, attending the 2022 Annual Council in Silver Spring, Maryland, joined local church members on Sabbath afternoon, October 8, to distribute copies of The Great Controversy.

The 223 delegates and their spouses were distributed equally among 16 local English, Spanish and Portuguese churches within the three local conferences of Chesapeake, Potomac, and Allegheny East. About 420 church members united with the delegates in distributing more than 9,500 books door to door.

The outreach, dubbed Mission Alive, brought together 14 local pastors who worked together with the General Conference Personal Ministries and Publishing Ministries departments to coordinate the outreach.

The purpose of the outreach was to kick off The Great Controversy Project 2.0, a mass door-to-door distribution of the 2023 and 2024 Missionary Book of the Year, The Great Controversy. The churches also used the opportunity to send out Bible study offers and evangelistic series invitations.

For most of the participants, which included General Conference and division administrators, this was a very refreshing and spiritually reviving opportunity.

The Great Controversy - A Special Sabbath Distribution
Stephen Apola is Publishing Ministries associate director at the General Conference.

One Thousand Attend Colporteur Camp in Peru

By Saul Fernandez  | South Peru Union

For the first time since its inception, more than 1,000 youths attended the colporteur camp Colporcamp in Peru. The annual event brings together youths from local churches in the South Peru Union to a camping experience of inspiration and exploration.

This year’s event was renamed Explore UPeU (University of Peru Union).
This first Explore UPeU event was held at the Peruvian Union University from October 13 to 16, 2022, in Lima, Peru.

This initiative is a missionary project with two main objectives of increasing colporteurs to preach the everlasting gospel and increase Adventist students studying at Peruvian Union University. During the four-day event, participants get to explore opportunities of making their dreams a reality through the University of Peru Union (UPeU). 

For this first Explore UPeU the pastors sent more than 1,000 Adventist youth from different churches to “explore” the UPeU—to get to know the facilities and their future teachers. The goal of “exploring” UPeU is to plant in their hearts the importance of Adventist education. “Explorers” fall in love with the Adventist university, want to study there and make UPeU their home for the next five years, and to introduce colporteur work as a solution to the economic challenges the young people may have.

This first Explore UPeU brought together publishing leaders Steve Apola, associate director of Publishing Ministry for the world church, and Adilson de Morais, publishing director of the South American Division, as well as union presidents, conference administrators, and the university leadership.

The young people were so inspired that 450 made the decision to become colporteurs. These young people have already started canvassing, and will begin their studies at the Adventist university in 2023.

The development and results of the project were possible thanks to the administrators of South Peru Union, the seven mission fields, and the Peruvian Union University. All have committed to prepare a new generation to preach the gospel through the printed page. It was impressive to see the Union Presidents and their Fields accompanying and motivating their young people.
  [Photos: South Peru Union]

Saul Fernandez is Publishing Ministries director for the South Peru Union.

South American Division Celebrates Literature Evangelism Accomplishments

By Marcio Tonetti | Brazil Publishing House

Canvassing, whether door to door or by other means, is always a challenge. Imagine selling books and magazines during the COVID-19 pandemic, with empty streets, closed doors, factories stopped, lack of paper and other inputs, confinement, restrictions on the economy, unemployment, and risk to one’s health. Even so, thanks to divine blessing and protection, and human effort, the canvassing did not stop. With creativity, persistence, and dependence on God, it was possible to get around the situation and see opportunities.

In recognition and gratitude for these and other achievements, the first Literature Evangelism Celebration was held on October 25. In total, 55 medals were given to assistant publishing leaders who acted in the context of the health crisis. In addition, during the awards ceremony 120 trophies were distributed in such categories as growth in the number of colporteurs, book sales and magazine subscriptions, development of new leaders, partnership with the local church, punctuality in sending reports, organizing the department, among others.

Picture: Baptism of an interest influenced by colporteur work crowned the program. [Photo: William de Moraes]

The initiative, organized by the South American Division (SAD) Publishing Department in partnership with the Brazil Publishing House (CPB) literature evangelism department, was one of the highlights of the agenda of a meeting that brought together 220 publishing leaders from all over Brazil from October 24 to 26 at the CPB headquarters in Tatuí.

“It was a great opportunity to share experiences, reaffirm our mission and align the main actions for the coming years,” said Adilson de Morais, SAD publishing director.

In attendance were administrators from the SAD, the unions, and the world Publishing Department leader, Almir Marroni.

Picture 1: Publishing leaders from all over Brazil participate in meetings, awards, and special worship at the Brazil Publishing Houser (CPB). [Photo: William de Moraes]


Brazil Publishing House Dedicates 25 Million Copies of The Great Controversy

Even for those in the field, the smell of ink, the contact with those who produce literature, and the possibility of seeing books being printed always arouse a special feeling, especially when it comes to a work like The Great Controversy, Ellen White's classic that will be distributed by the millions during the next two years. This was just one of the experiences during the event.

The publishing house also took advantage of the occasion to hold a special service in the printing press park, where a giant banner alluding to the new missionary book was fixed. On that day each employee of the institution received two copies of The Great Controversy, one to be read and one to share. When presenting the challenge, Stanley Arco, leader of the church in South America, and Edson Medeiros, Brazil Publishing House general manager, reinforced the importance of everyone's involvement in this historic campaign.

Picture: Stanley Arco, president of the South American Division, during The Great Controversy dedication service at the publishing house's printing facility. [Photo: William de Moraes]

Marcio Tonetti is a journalist for the Brazil Publishing House.

3,250 Missionary Books Distributed in   
Ghanaian University

By Abraham Obaya | West-Central Africa Division

Meridian Ghana Conference, Tema, launched and distributed 3,250 copies of the 2022 Missionary Book of the Year, The Final Hope, on Sabbath, October 24, at the Regional Maritime University, Ghana.

The conference is doing target distribution this year in an effort to reach out to Ghanaians. The conference is distributing 36,000 before the year ends.

Distribution of the Missionary Book of the Year to the students of Regional Maritime University, Tema, Welder Training Center.

 [Photos: West-Central Africa Division]

Abraham Obaya is Publishing Ministries director for the West-Central Africa Division.

Inter-American Division to Distribute 30 Million Copies of The Great Controversy

By Tomas Espinoza | Inter-American Division

Inter-American Division conducted the dedication of The Great Controversy during their year-end committee in October. The division made a commitment to share 30 million copies of both printed and digital books.

[Photo: Inter-American Division]

Tomas Espinoza is Publishing Ministries director for the Inter-American Division.

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