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Promo Code 2020: Pandemic Ushers in New Opportunities  

by Marina Stanovkin  | Executive Editor, Source of Life Publishing House 

When the world was suddenly hit by Covid-19 seven months ago, the doors of many homes were closed to the gospel. It was forbidden to go from door to door to offer newspapers, magazines, and books about salvation. But when God allows some doors to close, He opens others. Colporteurs now have a wonderful opportunity to tell people about God on the Internet.
On September 30, 2020, Publishing Ministries in the Euro-Asia Division organized a meeting for student literature evangelists (LEs) at the Zaoksky Adventist University in Russia. More than 40 young men and women gathered for the presentation of a new program called “Promo Code 2020.” It is a unique opportunity to declare the eternal gospel with people while staying home.
At the beginning of the meeting, Roman Zemtsov, an experienced marketer who helps promote products of the Source of Life Publishing House, spoke about the importance of using modern methods of evangelism. He emphasized that people today experience great stress because of the pandemic and need moral support.
Among the guests of the meeting were Source of Life Publishing House employees, who told students in detail about the opportunities available to distribute books on the Internet.


Pictured from left to right: Roman Zemtsov, Marina Stanovkin, and Stepan Sibir.

“Each of you can get a promo code,” said Stepan Sibir, a marketing director at the publishing house. “In social networks, you can repost advertisements of our books and offer them to your friends at a discount, using your promo code. This way, you will preach the gospel to people without leaving your home. This ministry will benefit you personally, and other people will receive books.”
Sibir showed what the new publishing house website looks like, as well as its advantages. Customers can view contents of books, leave reviews, and, most importantly, order books at a discount through the website. All LEs have to do is tell people about the books and share their promo code to activate the discount.
After the presentation, 20 young people expressed their desire to receive a promo code and start the online ministry of literature evangelism. Thank God for their devoted hearts!
We hope that new opportunities to declare the gospel online will attract many young people to book distribution. Social networks are doors through which God can reach the hearts of many people. Let God’s army of youth use the Internet to bring hope and peace to people and tell them about the Savior!

The Student LE Program in the South American Division   

by Adilson Morais  | Publishing Ministries Associate Director, South American Division 

In the South American Division, an average of 11,000 student literature evangelists (LEs) enroll in the canvassing program each year. The student LE ministry contributes to the mission of the church in many ways, but two are of vital importance: (1) canvassing is an opportunity for young people from our churches to attend Adventist Universities, helping them pay for their studies and achieve financial independence; (2) students are a powerful evangelizing force for spreading publications and reaching thousands of missionary contacts.
This year, despite the pandemic, almost 2,000 students canvassed during their vacations in July. Students canvassed smaller towns in the countryside using traditional methods: going from house to house, through word of mouth, and by conducting presentations in businesses and companies. A digital platform called Projeto + Saúde (Project + Health) was also prepared to assist them in locations with lockdown restrictions in place.

In regions where authorities were gradually lifting the lockdowns and reopening businesses, people were already circulating on streets, which made it easier to approach them. LEs presented themselves wearing protective masks and sometimes face shields.

Customers were eager to learn more about the content of our books, including Bible prophecies, and health books about strengthening the immune system. Most students canvassed in pairs or in groups of four, avoiding crowds and respecting the protocols of health authorities in each region. Each country or region had different protocols, but authorities were contacted beforehand and introduced to Project + Health (

Some regions of Brazil presented the best conditions to execute the work. Overall, the states of Brazil faced very few difficulties, compared to Hispanic countries, where canvassing has been highly disrupted.

Considering the limitations mentioned above, those who were able to go out to the field witnessed many miracles from the Lord. Many LE teams sold more than they had the previous vacation in the same amount of time, even though they had half the number of students.
Something wonderful happened: our faith was challenged in the midst of this crisis and we experienced God's power as never before. We have become stronger and more united. LEs showed once again that this work was established by the Lord to be the first to arrive and the last to leave the frontlines. Just as it has in the past and is showing now in the present, this ministry will continue to show in strength and importance in the future.

WAD Hosts Hope Amidst Covid-19 LE Rally   

by Abraham Obaya  | Publishing Ministries Director, West-Central Africa Division

It all happened as in a dream! The global economy tottered, tilted, and staggered like it was drunk. From March 2020, the nations of the world started shutting down like a person whose vital organs were failing one after the other. National borders closed. Flights were canceled. Cities, towns, and villages locked down. All this happened because of a small but dreaded coronavirus codenamed Covid-19. In the West-Central Africa Division (WAD), lives of many people have not been the same. This development took its toll on literature evangelists (LEs). LEs are self-supporting and self-sacrificing itinerant gospel workers, whose ministry has become greatly hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic. The WAD organized a rally for these dedicated workers to boost their morale and assist them to move from lockdown to active service.


On July 5, 2020, WAD Publishing Ministries organized a rally for its LEs. The General Conference and WAD administrators lent their support to make the program a success. WAD president Elie Weick-Dido gave an inspiring message. He challenged and encouraged LEs by saying, “Turn your fears into fire to carry the gospel to all human beings like wildfire. You should move from the valley of lockdown to the mountain of hope, faith, and revival through prayers. With God, victory is assured.”
Immediately after the president’s message, WAD secretary Kingsley Anonaba prayed a prayer of dedication for the LEs. WAD treasurer Emmanuel Manu presented an unforgettable message to LEs through the acronym GSGSGod first in everything LEs do; Strategy—LEs need to re-strategize in times like these; Go into action—LEs should not wait but swing into action after strategizing; and Service—LEs should always remember that they are saved to serve.
General Conference Publishing Ministries director Almir Marroni exposed LEs to witnessing opportunities available to them amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Stephen Apola, Publishing Ministries associate director, was present to promote the Global Celebration of Literature Evangelists that was held digitally on July 26, 2020. Most publishing houses that serve the WAD territory also made presentations, including Advent Press, Editorial Safeliz, and Stanborough Press. Their emphasis was that in spite of Covid-19, LEs can still canvass by devising strategies to bring hope to a dying world.

Abraham Obaya, WAD Publishing Ministries director, organized the program with support of union publishing directors. With the theme Hope Amidst Covid-19, the program drew participants from across the globe. A total of 426 LEs participated in the program, supported by the attendance of 94 church leaders. LEs were happy to be reminded that they are significant to the ministry. Many of them rendered beautiful and inspiring songs, and prayed for God to soon bring an end to the global pandemic in order for them to fully resume the ministry they love.
We appreciate all those who contributed to making the program a success. By God’s grace we will continue to bring hope to everyone.

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Its target audience is church administrators, publishing leaders, literature evangelists, and other readers. 

Almir Marroni

Associate Director
Stephen Apola

Editor and Graphic Designer
Viviene Martinelli

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