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November 2021, vol. 3, no. 11
by Diamantino Sawambo | Huambo, Angola

Paulo Domingos Kanganjo has been a literature evangelist (LE) since the end of 2016. In the last five years, he realized that canvassing was not only a way to evangelize to others, but also to fulfill his dreams that had not been possible because of the death of his parents at a young age. 
Paulo’s first dream—to study—came to fruition shortly after he began canvassing. He is currently completing high school. He is a good reader, which earned him the title of student LE leader at the Central Association Mission in Huambo, regional headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the center of Angola. 
His second dream—to get married—was not as simple. Several questions arose, including who would he marry? How would he afford the wedding and sustain his family?

While canvassing Paulo met Veronica, a fellow canvasser who stole his heart. Together, they developed a plan to canvass and save money to buy land and build a house. Their plans succeeded, as they purchased land and built a house in the neighborhood of Bom Pastor, Huambo.

Right away, they came up with a strategy to raise money for their wedding through canvassing. By the grace of God, two months before the wedding, they had saved the desired amount—more than a million Angolan Kwanzas (about US$1,675.00). However, two weeks after this feat, news emerged that again tried to shake Paulo’s family.

Literature evangelist Paulo Domingos Kanganjo purchased this house for his family when they faced eviction. 

As a child Paulo lived with his family in Namibia. When his mother, a native of that country, passed away, Paulo’s father decided to move with the children to Angola. Unfortunately, death struck once again robbing the children of their father. Paulo was then in custody of his 16-year-old sister, who took care of him and his brother. His sister did everything she could for her brothers. 
Unfortunately, between 2020 and 2021, Paulo’s sister and her husband lost their jobs. Then two months before the wedding, they were evicted from their house. The landlord wanted to sell the house, and informed them that it could be purchased for 700,000 Kwanzas. This news left the family worried and without many solutions. After analyzing the situation, the couple's first priority was to comfort and pray for Paulo’s sister and husband. 
“Maybe this is the reason the Lord provided us with the money two months before the wedding,” Veronica said to Paulo. “What’s the point of having a dream wedding if the family is on the street?” she asked.
Veronica encouraged her fiancé to buy the house. So Paulo purchased the house for 700,000 Kwanzas and gave it to his family as a gift. The couple decided to trust that once again, the Lord would provide and help them achieve their dreams.

On September 12, 2021, Paulo and Veronica got married at the Adventist Church in Ebenezer, Huambo, with the help of friends and fellow literature evangelists. 

Diamantino Sawambo is Publishing Ministries director of the South-Western Angola Union.
Snapshots of Hope is a monthly publication that aims to share
Literature Ministry stories with people around the world.

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