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STEP 1: Welcome!

Hello, and welcome! Whether you have had someone in your family recently come out to you as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer (LGBTQ), or if you are just looking to learn more about supporting the LGBTQ people in your life, you have come to the right place!

My Kid Is Gay is an organization dedicated to answering questions that many parents & caregivers have when their child or family member comes out to them. Our e-care package, "Coming Out With Care," collects some of our best advice & essays alongside some new and exciting resources to help you on your journey!

Often when we talk about coming out, the focus is primarily on the LGBTQ individuals themselves -- at My Kid Is Gay, we know that the coming-out process is one that parents and family members also share! "Coming Out With Care" is a first step into learning more about LGBTQ identities, gathering initial resources, and having the tools to explore your feelings along the way. We hope you enjoy, and you can always find more over at!
A Welcome Video from Kristin Russo, Co-founder of My Kid Is Gay
Coming Out With Care: The Welcome Video


There are many common questions that parents & family have during the coming-out process. Here is a selection of some of our best work:


Defining Series: Identities Explained

10 Tips for Parents of Gay Kids

"Is It Just a Phase?"

10 Things Not to Say When Your Child Comes Out to You

"Is My Kid Choosing to Be Gay?"

Understanding Trans Identities

8 Ways To React When Your Child Comes Out As Trans

Religion & Sexuality

Reconciling Your Love for Your Trans Child with Your Religion


There are many wonderful organizations working to help you better understand the LGBTQ people in your life! Here are a few:



Gender Spectrum

The Next Family

Out Proud Families

My Son Wears Heels


The Trevor Project

Lambda Legal

Human Rights Campaign


STEP 4: Music For Your Lovely Ears

We use the words "journey" and "process" frequently when talking about coming out, and oftentimes that means that you will need to decompress in ways that don't involve reading articles or researching new organizations! Self-care, and taking the time to make space for your thoughts and feelings, is so important.

We were fortunate enough to have writer, actor, and comedian Brittani Nichols compile a music playlist for parents & family members who have an LGBTQ loved one, entitled Stay Up!
Brittani explains the title, saying,

"These are songs to make you feel equipped to be supportive & to also be an active participant in making the world a better place for your kid. That's a sustained effort. The title reflects that, and also harkens back to having to stay up with a newborn; even when it might not be easy and you're tired, you have to stay with them because they are your child!"


STEP 5: Journaling & Coloring Pages

Artist Cameron Glavin created these beautiful printouts to help you in your reflective, self-care journey:
  • Journaling Page: Take some time to process your feelings!
  • Coloring Page: Take a deep breath and grab some crayons. Coloring isn't just for kids -- trust us!

STEP 6: This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids

In addition to the work you will find over at My Kid Is Gay, our co-founders Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid wrote an informative Q&A guide called This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids
The book answers many commonly asked questions that address both sexuality and gender identity ("Is this a choice?" / "How do I handle sleepovers?" / "When should I tell people?"), and includes personal stories from both parents & kids alike! The Ellen Show called the book, "a perfect guide for parents that answers all the questions they might have with love and patience."

You can get your copy wherever books are sold!

Thank you for being a supportive family member!

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time out to learn more about the LGBTQ community, and working so hard to better understand your LGBTQ loved ones! 

Remember that, regardless of your starting point, this is a process. Having patience with yourself as you learn and grow is so important!

All our love and support to you and your family!
"All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a sage and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential."
- Harvey Milk
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