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Radley's Storm

Radley’s family invited us to create a snow party for Radley, and they even shared the experience with their neighbors. Radley’s family was being housed at the most exceptional set of homes. All of the families in these homes have sick children battling very serious illnesses. We had the pleasure of meeting these amazing kiddos and their families. Everyone was so warm and loving to each other and they all played as a family. No one would have known that at one time they were all strangers. 

Radley was anxious initially but eventually began to enjoy the elements. Radley had begun fighting cancer at such an early age that he was accustomed to being indoors and as such, the wind and the sun were harsh on his delicate, fair skin. From the moment we laid eyes on Radley, we knew he was one loved little boy! There was an entourage that followed him and his parents providing a circle of love. His sweet little voice will always stay with us. The weather was beautiful and the snow was perfect.

Laekyn's Storm

HOT, HOT, HOT!  This day was a scorcher and the humidity was brutal, but that didn’t stop the OSS crew! As promised, we brought Laekyn her Snow Day!  She was very shy, but as usual, the snow does it’s magic and in no time she was playing, throwing snowballs, and helping to build snowmen. 

There were lots of friends and family of all ages joining in the fun...and Bahama Bucks was again a welcome treat for all! Laekyn’s yard served as the perfect setting for the snow with a beautiful tree providing the much needed shade.  It was quite a sight to see on this blistering Texas day.  

Kayla's Storm

On the way to Kayla’s storm, dark clouds began to roll in.  The closer we got, the darker the skies.  The sun doesn’t pose nearly the challenge as the rain.  As we all know, water melts ice!  So, we were very nervous and praying hard for the weather to hold out for Kayla to have the snow party she so deserved!

This snow party was a special one as the family would be celebrating Kayla’s birthday too!  We stood watching the snow being blown and the clouds opened up and the rain started coming down.  Amazingly enough, about the time all the snow had been blown, the clouds had moved out and the showers slowed and eventually disappeared.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  We all knew it was a God thing. 

Kayla was the sweetest, soft spoken, most delicate little angel you will ever meet.  She was so appreciative and made it a point to tell us all thank you on many occasions.  Her family was so warm and welcoming and we had a blast getting to know them and exchanging a few snow balls.  All is fair in Love and Snow!

Stevie's Storm

On the way home from Kayla’s Storm, we found out Stevie’s storm was a go the very next day! Time was of the essence and we needed to act quickly, so for the very first time, we did BACK-TO-BACK Snow Days. Luckily we have received awesome donations of gloves and snow toys so supplies was not an issue.  Yet again we called on Bahama Bucks, and despite the short notice, they happily obliged our request for another Sno Cone Party Pack. 

After the snow was blown, Stevie made the best entrance yet in his awesome red truck and cool glasses and hat!  There were lots of Stevie supporters dressed in camo to enjoy the snow day. They had a massive tree in their front yard and a cool breeze could even be felt.  The weather was beautiful and the magic of snow in Texas gave this group a much needed reason to smile. 

Ciera Rose's Storm

When we reached out to Ciera Rose’s family to offer a storm, they immediately asked if they could incorporate her birthday.  We were super excited to make her 4th birthday super special.

When we arrived, she was wearing the sweetest princess dress and was very eager to show us her decorations and cake. She was so outgoing and full of spirit. She was surrounded by such an amazing family and you could tell they were making every effort to throw her the best birthday. We were told that one of Ciera Rose’s favorite people was her uncle and she couldn’t wait to play in the snow with him. Once the snow was down, the fun began! 

Everyone had a ball throwing snowballs, making snow angels and building a snowmen! Ciera Rose was a delight. We all had the opportunity to interact with her and she was so loving. She made sure to talk to all of us. For 4 years old, she was so brave and beautiful. It was an unforgettable day!

2016 Inaugural Kickball/ Volley
Classic Fundraiser

In 2016 we did something very different from what any of us had ever done. We decided to have a kickball and volleyball classic. 

The event was hosted at Houston Sportsplex in Southeast Houston on June 24th. We launched a fundraising committee, met many new people, and had a meeting every week for several months. We were so nervous but in the end, we pulled it off! 


It was a small but fierce group! There were only a handful of teams. The sand courts were brand new, so they were in perfect condition. The heat was super intense but these teams were not deterred as they toughed it out in the tournament.

The winners, Team Gang Green, were stoked to bring home the win!


With 16 teams – the competition was serious.  Both young, and not so young, came out to show their support for OSS. These teams played with a strong desire to win.

We had a wide range of skill level as well. There were some that participated in Kickball leagues and some that hadn’t kicked a ball in 20+ years. This diversity made for some good laughs and fun times. Some even walked away with boo-boos from sliding into bases with such dedication! Every single team we talked to told us that they had a blast! 

The final game was a nail-biter and ended after DOUBLE OVERTIME! In the end Cool Runnings won and took home the prize for first place.


It was extremely important to the OSS Crew to honor our Snow Warriors and allow their presence to be felt throughout the tournament.  We wanted to remind the teams that they were playing for a purpose. 

During our opening ceremonies, we had our President, Ed Newby, thank the participants and sponsors.  We also provided Barry Horvitz, the owner of Houston Sportsplex and a HUGE OSS fan, a shovel signed by all of the warriors who attended the Epic Snowstorm held at his park in January. 

Both Jenni Cutbirth, Mother of Raelyn Cutbirth, and Barry Heslop, Father of Creighton Heslop, gave the crowd very personal testimonies about what their snow days meant to their angels and their families. 

And lastly, we had a moment of silence to honor each and every fighter!


Our Kidzone was AWESOME! 

There was professional face painting by Kim Cook, three amazing bounce houses, bubbles, Pin the Heart on the Snowman, Ornament Decorating, and prizes galore.

Oh and *SNOW*

That’s right, the kids (and many adults) were able to cool off and have some fun tossing a few snowballs!


Many, many thanks to all who participated in our Raffle and Silent Auction!  The hard work paid off and both of these areas made a large contribution to our overall success. 

Also, we want to give mad props to our DJ, B.R.U.C.E. W.A.I.N.E. for entertaining us with his skills. He was having so much fun, he stayed hours longer than expected.  Having the live music really made it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves.

We do different designs for our official shirts each year. This year not only are the designs bolder, but we also added the option of a black t-shirt in conjunction with our classic OSS blue. The back of these shirts feature all of the sponsor logos from our 2016 Classic. 

In September 2016,  we have been honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness month by selling these shirts at major discount for $4 which represents the 4% of funding that childhood cancer receives.  
Sale ends 9/30/16.

Of course, you can keep your drink cold with an official OSS blue koozie too!
2016 OSS Shirt (Black)
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We are super excited about our future plans.  We are working hard to spread the word about Operation Snowstorm. In 2016 we were on KHOU 11 news, ABC 13 news, and Great Day Houston. We'd love to garner more support and attention to ultimately be able to help more children.

We are in the process of determining how to be an option at all Houston area hospitals for children with terminal cancer. We recently grew our board by 4 new members and are very optimistic about our future!

In January of 2016 we had our Epic Snowstorm where we invited 50 childhood cancer patients and their families to join us for a day in the snow. We are working diligently to provide the same thing in January 2017. 


Raelyn - 4 years old
Morgan  - 11 years old
Abraham - still fighting
Creighton -  21 months old
Luisa - 4 years old
Isabelle - 3 years old
Noah - 16 years old
Kevin - 4 years old
Radley - 2 years old
Laekyn - 4 years old
Kayla - still fighting
Stevie - 2 years old
Ciera - 4 years old

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