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This is a special edition of the Active Retirees E-newsletter sent for the information of Probus Clubs. This E-newsletter is sponsored by Blamey Saunders.

Blamey Saunders hears

Today, advancements in technology have disrupted the ‘traditional’ way of helping people on the road to better hearing. We’ve seen the introduction of an array of innovative hearing solutions to suit a variety of listening lifestyles – from hearing protection, hearing amplification and TV solutions, to the most highly featured hearing aids that sit on or in your ear.

Your hearing is a valuable commodity and hearing well goes far beyond the ability to just hear. It is tied to your social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. However, once damage has been done to the auditory system, it could be irreparable. So, it is essential for you – and your friends and family – to take care of your hearing before the damage is done. By this, we don’t just mean with hearing aids; we’re talking about everything from hearing protection while at work, right through to keeping up with your annual hearing checks to make sure your hearing is kept in tip-top shape – no matter your age.

EarHearing solutions fit for real life
At Blamey Saunders hears, we’re proud to be able to offer end-to-end hearing solutions to ensure our clients are empowered and at the top of their game at all stages of life and all stages of their hearing journey.

HeadphonesScientifically validated hearing test
Do it from your place, do it from work or do it at ours – just make sure you do it! It takes five minutes – you can conduct our test online and it’s free. The Speech Perception Test reads you 50 words – you just type what you hear (don’t worry, the spelling is not important!). You will get a score out of 50 for how many words you identify correctly as well as what specific speech sounds you may or may not have difficulty hearing. Take it once a year; it’s as easy as that!

Listening DevicesAssistive Listening Devices
For a solution that will enhance music or entertainment such as the TV and communication (for example, conference calls or a Zoom meeting with friends) – where you may be noticing you are currently having some difficulty hearing – there is a range of audio solutions for assistive listening, including top of the range noise cancelling wireless earbuds – all of which can be fully personalised to your hearing. These might just be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Hearing aidsHearing aids
As time progresses and your hearing needs change, there are many hearing aid solutions that boast sophisticated features to assist with speech understanding in quiet or noisy environments, improved awareness of where sounds come from, as well Bluetooth connectivity, allowing hands-free phone calls and delightful music, automatically.

WirelessWireless accessories
There’s no question that hearing aids make speech understanding more enjoyable, even in the most challenging listening situations. But sometimes, an extra boost can be useful. Wireless accessories like the PartnerMic, allow you to hear someone’s speech clearly through your aids, be it around the home, office or while out and about, up to a 25 metre range! Accessories can also enhance a hearing aids performance and keep you connected.

HeartBlamey Saunders is here to help
Hearing loss can creep up on you without realising. If you suspect your hearing isn’t what it used to be, we can help. From now until the end of this year, we’re offering all Probians exclusive deals on all hearing solutions, including:


A free comprehensive hearing assessment either online, via our telehealth team or at our Blamey Saunders clinics in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane


10% off the purchase price of our latest range of hearing aids*


15% off wireless hearing aid accessories and hearing protection


Free shipping on all purchases*

*Conditions apply.

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