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Dear Friends, Community Members, Visionaries-

Now more than ever, I believe in the incredible strength of people and communities to realize the innovative strategies that will bring about a better world. After nearly fifteen years of working and serving in communities, I know first-hand of the creative power inherent in everyone to solve tough challenges: from young professionals that see even a closed door as an opportunity, to seasoned leaders that willingly take on new perspectives to solve a problem that seemed unsolvable, to community members with some unfathomable resilience that allows them to bounce back and try again, no matter how many times society has told them no.

At the root of this creativity is love, an empathetic motivation to take care of our family, our neighbors, and our community even when it means sacrificing our own needs and desires. Creative acts as leaders, as artists, as educators, as social workers, as nonprofit professionals, as entrepreneurs, all stem from the belief that the world we live in today doesn't have to be the world we live in tomorrow. Collectively, we have the ability to create and invent the world we hope to see.

My work focuses on coaching individuals, leaders and organizations to design the solutions that are essential to bringing about our most hopeful visions. With this inaugural newsletter, and the official public launch of the Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab, I hope you'll join me on this journey. Our success is dependent not on our individual triumphs, but in the ways that we collaborate and participate in community.

Current Work

In 2017, I'm focused in two key areas to help people and communities bring about this transformation:

1) Working with organizations (nonprofits and small businesses) to design creative strategic plans and sound management tools to implement those solutions, and,

2) Coaching leaders to refine their vision and to define the path to reach that vision, in addition to seeking their balance and wellness along the way.

Interested in collaborating this year? Contact me!

Recent Posts and Series

From the Break Through Blog
In an attempt to not clutter your inbox, this newsletter ideally curates a few of the recently published think pieces that might interest you.  Additionally, each post offers a new insight or technique that prompts your creative thinking or compels you to discover a new strategy.

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Have a great idea or insight to share?  Consider being a guest writer for the Break Through!

Recommended Resource

While exploring creativity and innovation has been a focus of my life for a very long-time, I can say without hesitation that Sir Ken Robinson (whose famous TED Talk is more than worth the 20 minutes), shifted my paradigm about the integral role that creativity must play in our lives and in our world.  I'm enjoying his seminal book again this spring, and I encourage you to pick up a copy when you have a chance.
Partner Thank You

Having managed a number of website development projects for organizations, I know that building a quality website is no easy task these days. And finding a reliable design company that is enjoyable to work with and cares about their community is even tougher. The Awesome Website Guys went above and beyond, and built us a website that I am very proud of today.
Organizations in Our Community to Check Out

The organizations that influence my thinking and work are nearly inexhaustible, and some of them I have the opportunity and privilege to serve. If you're looking for some inspiration, see how the missions of these Denver-area organizations are thriving:

Friends of ENCA Farm is a nonprofit educational and advocacy organization supporting organic farmers and environmental conservation programs throughout the Philippines. Their programs continue to work well, so they have the opportunity again and again to redefine the scope of their vision.

The Patriot Anglers strengthens bonds and uplifts U.S. military families past and present, by providing a unique Rocky Mountain fishing experience. Their mission is incredibly clear, driving their work and impact towards great success.

The Civic Canopy is transforming the way we approach and solve pivotal issues in our society. We connect diverse groups of people seeking change in their communities and equip them with the tools to create meaningful and lasting impact. When I first started serving nonprofits in Colorado, the Civic Canopy's approach was instrumental to my thinking.
Thank You

Thank you for the hard work that you do everyday to benefit and impact your community.  Thank you for the integrity with which you do that work, ensuring that you are compassionate and kind whenever possible. Thank you for seeking to be transformational instead of transactional.  Thank you for serving your community, we need more active and engaged community members like you.  Thank you!

Take Good Care,
Matt Gray
Executive Director
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