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Apiary Meetings

Saturday 20th August 2022

West End Apiary, Moorgreen Road, West End, Hampshire

Meridian’s 25th Anniversary BBQ

The 25th Anniversary BBQ held at River Hamble Country Park proved to be a fantastic event attended by over 25 members, partners and family. There were cakes a plenty and Phil did an amazingly good job at cooking all the burgers.

Having thanks those who original started, and worked hard to maintain Meridian over the last 25 years, each member that attended was given a Meridian 25th Anniversary bee-suit badge. Members who were unable to attend, don’t worry you can collect your badge at association events. We are unable to post these out to members.

Effect of ACE inhibitors and Ibuprofen

A fellow BBKA member recently related a story of a son in law, who had anaphylactic shock following a wasp sting whilst cycling, sufficient to require an ambulance trip to A&E. This despite never previously being allergic to bee or wasp stings. It was put down to taking strong painkillers for long-term back pain that included Ibuprofen. Apparently, this sensitisation is likely to diminish as the medication leaves the body. Here are a couple of links to papers describing similar, suspected, effects related to ACE inhibitors and Ibuprofen, though other paper reviews are inconclusive:

Have any members experienced similar sensitivity? Check your meds!

Read Ace Inhibitors Allergic Reaction Bee Stings Article
Medsafe Article New Zealand


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Fireside Chats

Monday, August 08, 2022 - 20:00

Monday, August 22, 2022 - 20:00

Join two experienced beekeepers for a casual chat where they will update you on what’s been happening in the apiaries, and ease your concerns or solve any problems you may have with your own hives and bees.

Just click the link below to automatically join the talk on the day or use the dedicated Meeting ID and Password.

Meeting ID: 854 7416 5756

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Meridian Website Updates

To highlight the fantastic work that our very own Howard is doing with the website we will be posting links to new pages, posts and blogs below!

For those of you who haven’t signed up to the blogs on our website, here is a great example of why you should.


Below is a Seek preview of just a few seconds of the Flow Hive in Action, here in West End. The full story will be hitting the website soon.

Flow Hive - August Newsletter 2022

Hive Space Available

There is an offer to establish an apiary site in a residents garden on Brook Lane Botley (SO30 2ER). The area is spacious and has a wild flower area adjacent to it. The homeowner would be willing to let a beekeeper keep a few hives on their land. If this interests you please contact to organise a visit to the area.

Members Calendar

Make sure you check out the members’ area on the website. There you will find our calendar of events. Each month we will add a number of free online talks from around the world, from your favourite beekeepers and your favourite organisations like BIBBA, BBKA & HBA

Members Area

EventBrite Free Online Talks

Eventbrite offer a wide range of free online talks on beekeeping. We will highlight one or two of them each month for you here.

Just click on the link provided below each title and register your interest, once registered you will receive an email with a link for the talk.

Autumn Management of Honey Bee Colonies with Clare Densley & Martin Hann

August is a crucial time for beekeepers to support their colonies getting ready for winter. Winter is the season when more colonies succumb – to disease, starvation, queen failures or natural disaster – than any other time of the year.

Clare and Martin will be discussing how much food bees need, how to arrange the hive and when you should treat for varroa all key aspects to a colony surviving the winter months. They will also talk about any new varroa treatments that may be available , explain the importance of consolidating any food left in supers, the principle of nadiring supers and brood boxes and the pros and cons of uniting.

About the speakers

Clare Densley has been keeping bees since 1992. When in 2008 she got the chance to become assistant beekeeper at Buckfast Abbey she thought that she had 'died and gone to heaven'. Since then, the department has changed from a honey producing unit to a gentler approach to beekeeping involving education, environmental awareness, and wellbeing. She now runs the department with Martin and it’s still the best job ever.

Martin Hann has been keeping bees since 2008. He was a seasonal bee inspector for the Southwest region for 6 years but has been working alongside Clare at the Abbey for the last 5 years. He now does this full time and the list of benefits to the department are too numerous to mention!

Both are self-confessed “Beeks” and share a passion for understanding the nature of the honeybee and colony life.


When you register for a ticket you will receive an auto email confirmation with a 'View the Event' button - click and it takes you back to Eventbrite and the Zoom hyperlink is there. Also, you will receive several emails from Eventbrite on the day which will contain the link. If you didn’t receive it, please check your email spam folder and settings.


Under 18s - CBKA is for everyone, but anyone under the age of 18 should be accompanied on camera by an adult.


Meon Valley BKA

Meridian & Meon Valley Beekeepers Association have started to work together to run events and more.

Every Meridian member has been given free association membership with Meon Valley so they are able to attend such events for free.

The Curdridge County Show was attend by Meridian Beekeepers Volunteers and reports are they had a great day.

The Honey Show - Alresford Show

Honey Show Schedule

This year's honey show will take place at the Alresford Show on the 3rd of September. For those of you who have never been, it is a truly brilliant day. It is worth having a go at a few classes, with such diversity there is something to everyone's taste and ability. Full details will be on the website in the coming days

Other Meon Valley Events

13th August - Pollen Day (Warnford)

27th August - Seasonal Skill Saturday

3rd September - Alresford Show

24th September - Bishop's Waltham Country Fair

MVBKA Website

Hampshire Beekeepers Association

If you shop Amazon, you can do more than discover great deals: Simply shop at or with AmazonSmile on the Amazon Shopping app, and AmazonSmile donates to HBA at no extra cost to you.

As you are all aware I’m a Trustee for HBA and we have come up with an idea to produce HBA Bee-Suit Badges in order to support future events.

Our association is the test for interest. These are similar to the Meridian and BBKA ones.

Would you purchase one at £2?

Please click and complete this short survey to register or decline your interest


This is the style we have agreed.

HBA Website

BBKA News & Updates

Pictures from the opening of the National Apiary Garden

Saturday 23 July

The National Apiary Garden at BBKA HQ Stoneleigh was officially opened on Saturday 23th July 2022. The ribbon on the gates into the garden was cut and a tree planting was watched by past and present Presidents of the BBKA as well as members of the family whose generous bequest allowed the project to go ahead. Our patron, Master of the Wax Chandlers, Anthony Bickmore, planted a tree to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

National Apiary Garden New Article

Useful Links

National Honey Monitoring Scheme - The NHMS is working in partnership with UK beekeepers to monitor long-term changes in the condition and health of the countryside. You can register to participate.

National Honey Monitoring Scheme

BeeConnected - A tool for connecting beekeepers to farmers using crop protection products nearby.


The National Bee Unit (Bee Base) - A tool for aspects of beekeeping from beginners information to advance bee diseases and controls.

National Bee Unit Bee Base

Bee Inspectors