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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
New Changes Coming

Four Seasons Local Market is committed to serving the community each week by offering locally raised and sourced items. We have been proud to be part of the community since October 2016. We are in the process of restructuring the store after the announcement from Shady Rail last week. Their last day at the store is set for October 31, 2020. If you didn't get a chance to read their announcement, please see below.

With our restructuring, we are looking to add new vendors, items, and offerings. Now is your time to speak up about what you would like to see in the store as we move forward. Feel free to send us feedback on new items or if you know somebody looking to sell their items throughout the winter. We would love to hear from you.

This all started with 4 families sitting around a kitchen table wanting to provide great food to a great community. We have been blessed for the past 4 years and are excited about the future with the opportunity for new vendors to join us and serve this community for another 4 years.

Country Style Ribs

Looking for an easy “dump and run” crock pot main dish?  Check out these country style ribs!  Season with your favorite seasoning (Shoup’s is a good choice), then place in the crockpot with a small onion quartered.  Add a can of Coke or Dr. Pepper and 1/2 cup of apricot preserves and cook on low 8-10 hours.  Serve as is or with your favorite barbecue sauce.  There are several great sauce choices at Four Seasons Local Market.  Enjoy!

Produce - Silver Valley

Lots of red, orange and yellow tomatoes  
Pickling cucumbers, seedless English cucumbers, Hatch peppers, jalapeño peppers and zucchini from Silver Valley Farm this week. 


More Farmgirl Soap in: Ambrosia 

Albanese Candy

More Albanese Gummi Bears next week! 

Shady Rail Farm

It is with lots of emotions and a heavy heart that I write this post. Anger, frustration, sadness but also hope, joy and peace.

Covid has been ugly to many small businesses. And we have not been immune to that ugliness. As of December 31, 2020, Shady Rail will close.

I will back up to the first of the year so everyone understands where we are coming from, so read to the end if you want and if you don’t…click on out.

In January, we were gearing up for another great year. We hired a new full time person who would come in & manage the bakery - do alot of what I normally do so that I could have more time to focus on managing both Shady Rail and The Hideaway. We still had all of our part time employees and also had all of our summer weekend help that we used to get us through all the catering jobs. We had lots of catering jobs already on the schedule so we knew it was going to be a great year. Fast forward to March and the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt. Our jobs started cancelling. First it was just through March because we all thought this would be over quickly. And as we all know now, it still hasn't ended. It was no time at all and every single job we had through the end of June got cancelled. And even though this sounds ridiculous, those jobs we didn’t have yet got cancelled. Because if you are in the catering business, you know that you will have smaller jobs pop up every week. You can rely on those coming in throughout the year to keep you busy every week. So as we sat with our anger building and our hearts breaking, we watched 13 years of hard work being destroyed nearly overnight. Our catering jobs were cancelled and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Nothing. Nothing but sit and watch the chaos of it all. We watched all the festivals get cancelled and there was nothing we could do about that. Nothing. Nothing but sit and watch everything we worked for over the past years fade away.

When they said we could open back up in July, we were skeptically hopeful (is that such a thing??) But it didn't take us long to understand that nothing would be back to normal anytime soon. All of the catering jobs we did still have (there were many that had already cancelled), they dropped from their original number to sometimes less than 1/2 because people are fearful to get out. When I quote a price for a meal, that is the price I will stick to. Food prices went through the roof but I did not change my original quote to my customers. It wasn’t their fault that everything was so crazy. We now have to serve guests, they can’t serve themselves so that means I need to take more employees with me to jobs, which means more labor & more expenses.

So why do I tell you all these details? So that you will have a better understanding on why we have made the decision to close the doors. When our biggest job of the year was canceled - The Covered Bridge Festival, we knew we were done. With the cancellation of Covered Bridge, along with all the other fall festivals that we always attend, it was just the final “nail in the coffin”. We have agonized over this for months. Trying to decide what to do - to hang on or hang it up. & could we hang on…yep, but for what?? There is no promise that next year will be better. There is no reason to put ourselves in a bad position just because we “hope” things will change back to where they were. We can’t sit around any longer wishing that things were different. They are what they are…and that is out of our control. I could get on a rant about this whole situation & how unfair it has been. But what good would that do? What purpose would it serve? People don’t need anymore negativity in their lives. I know I sure don’t.

I have reminded myself over and over that this was not a “bad business decision” on my part that put us in this position. Most small businesses in our situation wouldn’t have been able to hang on this long. I am thankful that we have because I know it has taken all this time for me to 100% know it was the right choice. After getting through the process of this decision, I can now get excited about what comes next. One chapter closes, another opens.

Ya know, sometimes in life, changes need to be made. And we don’t make those changes unless we are forced to. I wouldn’t have made this change unless I was forced to. But one thing that I do know WITHOUT A DOUBT…I know that we serve a big God. & I know that He has big things in store for our future. Do I know what that looks like right now…NOPE!!! But I trust Him and know that whatever it is, He is leading the way.

If you hung on through this long post and are still reading, thank you. I know the one thing that I will miss more than the cookies themselves are my people. My people I have met over the years, that started as strangers but became fast friends. The people that have brightened my days with their smiles and hope and encouragement. The people who have supported us from day one. The people who are no longer just people but friends and family. The people who I know will read this and be just as sad about us closing up as we are. So thank you to you - my people, my friends. Thank you for 13 years of support and love and kindness. Thank you for all you have taught me about business, about friendship, about patience and about love.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what we have planned so that we can finish off the year strong.

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