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  • February 12: 10am to 12pm: Fighting Age of Sail KBC Lecture with USNA historian Grant Walker. Free to everyone. Limited seats in-person, also available on Zoom! Call to RSVP!
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Joke of the Day
Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on the sides of their ships?
So that when the ships come back into port, they can Scandinavian! 

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Ahoy Sailor!

Happy February! It may be cold outside now, but mentally, we're already jumping ahead to warmer weather and the start of the 2022 sailing season. There's officially less than two months left until the start of the season!

Our classes are slated to start on April 1 (no joke!) so we're gearing up for a busy and exciting start this spring! As the season approaches, classes are filling up, so be sure to book early — especially if you're planning on taking ASA 103 or 104.

A reminder to our sailors with kids: our KidShip program is set to start in mid-June, so if you're  looking to get your mini-pirates into sailing this year, think about booking soon! 

If you just can't wait to get back into sailing like us, we also recommend signing up for our Fighting Age of Sail lecture on Feb. 12! A perfect blend of sailing and history, this lecture will teach you all about how three-masted ships shaped sailing and the world into what it is today.

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What's Happening at Annapolis Sailing School

'Tis the season to be fixing boats! Our friends down the road at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard helped us out with moving some of our boats into our shop. Next steps: touching up Eyvindr's green paint and repairing any damage to the hull!
The staff at the Sailing School gets creative over the winter! Check out our office manager Brenda modeling our limited edition pink Valentine's Day hat! Perfect for the holiday and any pink lovers! More new merch coming soon.
Black History Month: The Power of Opportunity
"From the moment he stepped behind the wheel of a sailboat, Donald Lawson knew he was destined to make sailing his career."

Lawson was just nine years old when he first went sailing. Now 40, he's looking to make big strides in the sailing world. The Baltimore native is aiming to be a champion of diversity in sailing by breaking stereotypes and bringing opportunities to communities that typically wouldn't get to experience them. He's also got incredible personal goals: becoming the first African-American (and fourth American) to finish the prestigious Vendée Globe around-the-world race. Read more about Lawson, his foundation Dark Seas Project and his goals to break a significant number of world records in a trimaran by clicking the link below! 
(Photo and article credit: US Sailing/Lexi Pline)
Weather Recap
For the second January in a row, Annapolis Sailing School brought NBC4 meteorologist and science teacher Ryan Miller in to talk to our KeelBoat Club members about all things weather and sailing!

One of our favorite anecdotes from the seminar: Miller told our sailors that there's some truth to the popular phrase "red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailor take warning!" The phrase isn't really applicable for the Chesapeake — it's actually more of a phenomenon in the tropics, Caribbean and other points south, Miller said. The sun's low angle in evening and morning means light is passing through the thickest part of the atmosphere. If there are a lot of water droplets in it, all other colors of the spectrum will be filtered out, leaving only red light to come through. This could mean rain!

But which way is the wind blowing? When we see a red morning sky in the east over the Chesapeake, we're seeing light coming in from the ocean. Up in the Chesapeake region, our winds move from west to east. If that light is interacting with moisture and other things in the atmosphere from a storm, those interactions are happening over the ocean. So, if there's something going on in the sky to our east, it's probably headed away from us, Miller explained.

However, if you go down to the tropics, there's a change in wind direction with the trade winds. Rather than the westerlies blowing west to east, trade winds blow east to west. So a red sky in the morning in the tropics means that something is coming toward you, and you may want to keep your eyes on the sky for a storm!

Want to see all this weather in action? Ryan turned us on to an incredible site! Check out
Earth Nullschool, an interactive and animated global map of current wind, weather, ocean and pollution conditions as forecasted by supercomputers! And remember, use science over adages! 
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Contribution Corner: Dark Seas Project
Captain Donald Lawson is "invested in the art of record breaking." He created Dark Seas Project, a foundation that will help him as he looks to break an astounding 35 records over the next ten years in a soon-to-be-announced fast trimaran. He'll be making the announcement April 1! If successful, Lawson would be the first African American to hold any world records in sailing. Interested in donating to his foundation? Click here! 
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