May 2020

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How are you all doing? Are you adjusting okay to this new stay-at-home normal?

Though I’m almost desperate enough to ask DH for a haircut, I seem to be adjusting okay. As evidence, let me present Exhibit A: a relative scarcity of “Things I’m grateful for” posts on my Instagram feed. Apparently, I haven’t felt the need for their morale boost lately.

And Exhibit B: an increase in productivity, as measured by the number of changes I’ve made to in the past couple weeks. Some have been under-the-hood maintenance. Some are nifty new features – more on those below.

Does it matter?

A couple weeks back I received a request for some new cable cross symbols, ones showing a single slipped stitch crossing over one, two, or three other stitches. I didn’t remember ever seeing cable crosses of that sort before – but when I looked, I found some in a couple of my Japanese stitch dictionaries. Okay, then. now has six new cable cross symbols.


Even as I was adding these symbols, I knew they wouldn’t likely see a lot of use. But then Silke posed the question: would it really matter if the stitches were slipped on the crossing row, or on the previous row?

That’s a darn good question, if you ask me. Swatching would tell for sure, but I’m guessing that the two fabrics would be nearly the same.
What do you think?

More ways to search

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to announce new features because they’re things I should’ve added to the site years ago. These two new search options definitely fall into that category.

The first is the ability to search for patterns with a specific row repeat.

This should prove super-useful when trying to find a pattern that will coordinate well with one you’re already planning to use.

The second is the ability to search for patterns containing specific snippets of knitspeak – for example, if you want to find patterns that make use of twisted knits:

Or twisted knits and “RT” cable crosses:

Using a “|” character lets you search for alternatives – for example, any pattern that uses “w&t” or “turn” symbols to indicate short rows:

A “^” character says, “Search for stitch patterns that don’t contain this knitspeak” – for example, patterns worked flat:

Of course, you can combine this new search option with any of the others. Here’s an example of searching for stitch patterns that make use of “brSl” symbols but (sadly) haven’t been tagged as brioche:

Check out this news article for even more examples. Or review this Ravelry discussion to see how knitters are already putting these new search options to use.

Coming up next for under-the-hood tweaks that will make searches faster and more seamless.
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My new favorite hack

For years now, whenever I’ve had a WIP that seems to be taking forever, I’ve been in the habit of placing a clip-on marker just below the needles each day as I sit down to knit. That way, after knitting for a while I can see that I am making progress... even if it doesn’t seem that way.

But this past month, I had a revelation, a life-changing stroke of insight: instead of moving the same marker up each day, I now place a new marker each day and leave it there. Leaving all the markers in place, I can see how much I’m getting done over time.

This, my friends, has been transformational. Making daily progress visible and tangible makes it so much easier to remain motivated.

No surprise here: I’m getting more clip-on markers. I have my eye on these from Stunning String.

Get your own markers

Upcoming events

No doubt you’ve heard by now that Black Sheep Gathering has been cancelled for this June. And though it hasn’t been cancelled yet, I strongly suspect that the Northern Isles cruise will be cancelled as well.

That said... I have had a couple event organizers reach out with tentative dates for this fall. I’ll keep y’all posted here, as the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter.
See what remains of my schedule

On a lighter note

Remember how I said last month that doing all the right things to deal with this pandemic might take “far more time than we’d like”? Yeah, this chamber choir nailed that sentiment. Check out their rendition of Billy Joel’s The Longest Time. (I don’t know which I like better, the guy getting his hair cut during the Zoom call or the guy whose family played with sock puppets in the background.)

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