April 2020

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Staying sane

Well. These are interesting times, eh? Who would’ve thunk just a couple months ago that we’d all be practicing self-isolation? That we’d be learning so much about viruses and epidemiology? That major events would need to be cancelled and postponed?

I’m one of the lucky ones. Yes, my teaching schedule has been upended, and so my income is taking a hit. But DH and I have a financial cushion, we’re both currently healthy, and we’re both introverts who’re very capable of keeping ourselves entertained at home. Still, my heart goes out to anyone without a financial cushion, or with health issues, or that needs to go to work during this crisis. And, of course, to all you extroverts out there. (Or should I say, “in there”?)

In terms of dealing with this crisis, I don’t feel qualified to provide useful advice that you haven’t already heard a million times from others – including Julie Andrews and Samuel L. Jackson.

But let me share some of what I’ve been doing to stay sane. Maybe some of you will find these tricks useful.

  • I’m staying informed via trusted outlets, including NPR and the CDC. This blog has also been eye-opening. Ditto these projections. But I’m trying not to spend all my time following the news.
  • I’m checking in with my peeps regularly via Skype and Zoom. (You all know who you are. Thank you!)
  • I’m getting some exercise. I miss going to the gym, but Planet Fitness is offering daily, no-equipment-required, 20-minute “work-ins” via Facebook and YouTube. I’m sticking to my daily yoga practice, which I started two years ago by watching SarahBethYoga videos. And when it’s not raining, I’m taking nice, long walks.
No surprise here: starting a “gratitude practice” and stash diving have also been sanity-savers. More on those below...

Expressing gratitude

Years ago, during an extended backwoods camping trip with more than its fair share of bad weather, blood-thirsty mosquitoes, and other woes, I pulled myself out of a funk more than once by taking a few minutes to list 10 things for which I was grateful.

It was surprisingly helpful.

I’m taking a similar tack now on Instagram. Daily (or close to it, anyway) I’m posting about a simple something for which I’m grateful. Something small. Something that might otherwise get overlooked.

I encourage you to join in. Take a few minutes each day to think of a few things for which you feel grateful. They can be as silly or as sublime as you like. If you feel so inclined, post ’em on social media, but that step is by no means required. You may be surprised by the results!
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Stash diving: brioche edition

One of the things I’m seriously grateful for is a substantial yarn stash. In the past few weeks, I’ve used it to swatch a number of brioche patterns. Each has started with hand-drawn sketches:

Promising patterns got neatened up via

And finally knit up:

The goal has been to find a pattern that I want to pair with Thumbs Up in the wrap I’ve been knitting. None has grabbed me so far, though I’ve had a ton of fun playing. And I really, really need to find a use for Paisley.
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Stash diving: lace edition

I’ve also indulged in my fondness for lace edgings – this time, Primrose paired with Tosh Merino Light.

The yarn just glows!

It’s going to be a mobius cowl, and I’m thrilled with the way it’s turning out so far. Stay tuned! I plan to publish the pattern at some point.
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Upcoming events

Ha! Putting this section in my newsletter feels like a bit of an April Fool’s joke. C’mon, really – you’d need a crystal ball to figure out which upcoming events are really going to take place.

That said, here’s what I do know:
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Thank you!

A big thank you! to health care professionals on the front lines. Ditto to all you essential workers: grocery store clerks, delivery guys, gas station attendants, and so on.

Thanks also to everyone taking this pandemic seriously and doing all the right things. It’s gonna take time – far more time than we’d like – but this too shall pass!
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