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The Low Down

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     According to Quartz, the US hot sauce market has grown by 150% since 2000, which is more than that of BBQ sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard combined. The top three companies in terms of market share – Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot and Huy Fong’s Sriracha – still only make up about one-third of the billion-dollar industry’s sales. What does this mean? It means that around 67% of the hot sauce market is made up of individuals or small businesses, like Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce, that have decided to sell their own homemade recipes. This also means that hot sauce has had a bigger role in the kitchen. Forbes states that perhaps the key to hot sauce’s growth comes less from a widening consumer base and more from the condiment’s proliferation across all facets of the kitchen. Take, for example, Corine’s Cuisine, a Florida-based boutique hot sauce house led by culinary alchemist Corine Parish. Corine’s Cuisine sells five distinct varieties of hot sauce on their website and recommends that customers use their sauces not only on ossobuco and culotte steak but also as an addition to mango-coconut-spinach smoothies and chocolate fondue. What’s more surprising than the suggestion is that consumers seem to really enjoy these obscure applications. If it wasn’t blatantly apparent already, one thing is becoming crystal clear: hot sauce isn’t just for chicken wings anymore. Ever wonder what else you can put hot sauce? Check out Bo's Blog this week for the Top Ten Foods To Put Hot Sauce On.

"They [chicken wings] were much better with your sauce that he got from mom for Christmas! So good!" - Bridgett, VA
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Did You Know?
Remember when we discussed that active component of chili peppers, capsaicin? Well, capsaicin is a natural aphrodisiac and can effect your brain and body, allowing for increased blood flow, better heart health and a rush of endorphins. So, next time you want to heat things up in the bedroom, add some Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce to your meal ;)
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