Issue #2


Company News

We have reached 300 Facebook Page Likes!Thank you to everyone who has supported us! Our sauce is now being carried in two new locations! The Cheese Store in Watertown, NY, and Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauces Etc. in Lewiston, NY. Everyday we are expanding our retail presence. We are working hard to try to keep up with demand. Starting up a small business can be tough, but thanks to all of YOU, and your support, we continue to rapidly grow! Check out our other locations HERE.

Industry News

Dont Forget: The Arizona Hot Sauce Expo is November 12-13 at Tempe Diablo Stadium. They will be holding The Guiness Book Of World Records Reaper Eating Contest. Wayne Algenio, 31, of Jamaica, Queens, broke the record by eating 22 Carolina Reaper peppers. They measure over 1.5 million on the Scoville heat unit scale: the hottest peppers in the world. See where the hottest hot sauces fall on the Scoville scale in this weeks "Top Ten Tuesdays" Blog- the Top Ten Hottest Hot Sauces on Earth.


Weekly Discount Code

Enter code HOT at checkout on our website for 15% off your total order. EXP 11/14/16

Review of the Week

"Gave this to our groomsmen as wedding gifts, along with custom mugs and liquor bottles. The hot sauce was the most talked about item! When I moved my brothers gift bag to another room, my brother thought I was trying to steal his hot sauce. He had became very protective after trying it just one time. I encourage you to try it as well. Makes an excellent gift for anyone!"

Recipe of the Week

"I had a Honey Brown Hot burger tonight, which is reasonable right? But the other day, I had Bo's Honey Brown Hot on my Annie's organic mac & cheese, not because the pasta was lacking, but because I had to satisfy my craving for the sauce. It's getting a little out of hand, maybe, but I'm not complaining." -Lauren

Did You Know?

"If you’ve ever eaten a chili pepper, you might have noticed that the second bite is hotter than the first. Some people believe it’s because the seeds are the spiciest part, but it’s actually the flesh near them that sets your tongue on fire. The part of the pepper closest to the stem is usually the hotter part because it has the highest concentration of capsaicin. These components of the pepper irritate the skin and cause your mouth to feel that distinct burning pain."
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