No. 02 / 2018

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Welcome back!

Picking up on (open) questions from my last newsletter, I’d like to, in this edition, share some ideas on how to create more sustainable experiences as a workshop facilitator or event organizer as well as one resource to spice up your next format.

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As you might remember from last newsletter, I raised the question of whether format designers should think about how to create formats that really connect people and help them share and join their ideas etc. instead of simply delivering content or passive inspiration. 

In a consultation workshop on Format Innovation that I ran two weeks ago, we discussed two important ways of how to tackle this challenge: You could do so by running more interactive and participatory events that strongly consider the needs and goals of your desired audience (to connect, share ideas, create solutions etc.). But, even if you’re doing a good job here, you still face the challenge of how to create a sustainable experience. An experience that isn’t over as soon as your participants walk out of the workshop location, but that instead keeps delivering value.
One example of how to do this is demonstrated by the excellent bi-weekly newsletter The Digest, which is made by the organizers of The Conference. They deliver content and inspiration that is interesting to their (potential) audiences not only during the conference, but throughout the whole year. In doing so, their approach is not only to sell (tickets etc.) to their audience via a newsletter, but to sustainably deliver added value.



If you are planning and facilitating workshops or other formats, you are probably either using spreadsheets or a session planning tool. Within my facilitator bubble, the planning tool Session Lab has lately become quite popular. I'm using it for workshops and trainings that are prepared collaboratively. If you’d like to learn more about the tool, I recommend this article (in German) by my friends at Komfortzonen. Regardless of whether you’re using Session Lab or not, I’d recommend that you check out their public library of facilitation resources that are jam-packed with lots of concrete ideas on how to facilitate interactive and energizing workshops.

Library of Facilitation Resources

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Hello, I'm Claudia Brückner and I write this monthly newsletter about experience design, human interaction and innovation facilitation for you. It includes exciting conference formats, facilitation methods and other tools that empower new ways of working, learning, meeting, collaborating and innovating.
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