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Dear reader, I hope you’re enjoying the summer! This time, I’d like to share a conference that focuses on Learning Design, highlight an exhibition in Hamburg that links genres, and offer some additional resources on curation, conference-organizing and meetings.


Events & Workshops

Learning Design

As a regular reader of this newsletter, you might have heard me mention the Digital Bauhaus Summit conference before. This year, the conference looks to focus on Learning Design, asking questions such as: what does it mean today to learn design under the rapidly changing conditions surrounding digital technologies—and this in an ever more complex world? Also, how could and should we redesign learning in and for such a changing world? I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop-experiment that will explore—if it is at all possible—not to learn!


Spaces & Experiences


The HYPER! A JOURNEY INTO ART AND MUSIC exhibition is a great example not only of how to create links across genres, but also how to spread, broaden and prolong art as an experience beyond exhibition space. The exhibition cross-maps the world of music and the visual arts by offering a wide-range of experiences with almost 300 works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations that deal with music within visual art, as well as numerous hybrid multimedia works that show the reciprocal relationships between music, video, and visual art.

Besides the main show at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the interlinkage between music and visual art can also be experienced in a musical events program that presents artists and musicians who explicitly work between the disciplines of art and music and who decisively integrate references from both these areas into their art.

And in case you can’t make it to the exhibition in person, you can check out the playlist created alongside Hyper!



I’ve mentioned Marcel Kampman’s Happy Places series before. This time, I’d like to highlight the video interview with Martin Thörnkvist—curator and conference or festival program maker. He’s also, among other things, one of the masterminds behind Hours Beirut and used to co-organize and co-curate The Conference in Malmö. 


The Doodle State of Meetings Report 2019 is a comprehensive look at the way work meetings are organized. It takes a deeper look into various pain points, issues and recommendations on the topic of meetings. It combines Doodle user data (over 19 million meeting responses) with two separate research reports.

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