No. 03 / 2018

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Welcome back!
As in previous editions of the newsletter, I’d like to continue sharing some thoughts and observations. This time, I’d like to take a look at another industry that also has experience design at its core, namely the tourism industry.

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If you facilitate workshops and plan conferences or meetings, you are designing experiences. This is a given if you’re already working in this field. Another industry that creates and sells experiences is the tourism industry. If you are in the process of designing event experiences, you’ll want to craft a cohesive dramaturgy — just as you would design a trip or journey when traveling. 


The tourism and the event industry have a lot in common:

  • The experiences they design only unfold if the participants get active and co-create the experience instead of only being passive consumers.
  • Both industries are witnessing a shift in demand from passive mass-marketing communications to meaningful experiences.
  • Digital transformation poses challenges (powerful competitors in the form of online platforms) and offers opportunities (social media marketing channels, more direct interaction with customers, as well as a growing need for face-to-face interaction) that apply to both industries.
  • Both fields profit immensely when applying Service Design to understand participant needs to craft experiences. 

So, whether you’re designing experiences for conference participants, travelers or workshop attendees — I’d like to recommend the Service Design and Tourism book. It provides a solid introduction to service design as well as concrete cases to support you in creating meaningful experiences for and with guests or participants.

You can download the entire book as a .pdf clicking on the cover: 

If you are further interested in the topic, I also recommend this Service Design and Tourism talk by Marc Stickdorn (who also co-authored This is Service Design Thinking). Check out the slides from the talk here.

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Yours, Claudia

Hello, I'm Claudia Brückner and I write this monthly newsletter about experience design, human interaction and innovation facilitation for you. It includes exciting conference formats, facilitation methods and other tools that empower new ways of working, learning, meeting, collaborating and innovating.
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