No. 07 / 2017

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Welcome back to Event Experience Design News!

In this edition, we’ll look into sprints as a way to create and document content, and share a collection of methods.

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Photo: Gregor Fischer for Synchronicity

I love to facilitate sprints, to solve problems and test ideas or produce content. Sprints are a format and process of two to five intense days with a team that commits to tackling a shared goal. To be able to concentrate on that goal, the team has a facilitator who prepares and guides the process. Besides innovation processes (to develop a product or services), sprints are a great way to produce content (for a website, a book or a magazine etc.) in a productive and collaborative way. I enjoyed supporting and facilitating a Sprint for Synchronicity, where we published an with the developed content right at the end of the Sprint. 

Synchronicity Sprint
Download the

Documenting Content 

Photo: Builtbytv for Synchronicity

If running a sprint, conference or workshop, whenever content is produced, most of the time there is the need to document it. While video documentation is a common option to capture content for larger formats with inputs, keynotes and speakers, the outcomes vary when it comes to collaboration. Alongside the varying content, it makes sense to think about suitable ways to capture outcomes.
My friends at (a great German blog about moderation and facilitation) introduce several ways to capture workshop content (in German). On the same blog, you can also dig into how we prepared and documented the Synchronicity content sprint (in German).

Resources: Project of How  

Screenshot: Project of How website

If you are running a Sprint or other workshop, tools and methods are always needed to structure (and intentionally disrupt) the workflow. The Project of How has put together a nice collection of methods that can be sorted according to the goal of the exercise (e.g. generate ideas, group dynamics etc.), the number of participants as well as the time available. 

Project of How

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