No. 08 / 2017

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Welcome back to Event Experience Design News!

In this edition, we’ll take a look at two interesting formats — one in Berlin and one in Aarhus. And we’ll share some insights how to get rid of all-male-panels. 

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The Public Service Lab aims for better public services and administration services. With a series of conferences, workshops and articles, it introduces civil servants to user-centered processes and tools, supports cultural change in administrations and addresses the digital transformation challenges. 

On October 27, the Public Service Lab is running an interactive conference in Berlin to bring together civil service employees, citizens and consultants. The conference will host lectures with initial German examples, hands-on workshops and a panel discussion at the end. If you are a civil servant, you can register (for free) here. And, if you want to take a look behind the scene at Public Service Lab, the team is looking for two volunteers to support the conference on October, 27. If you are interested, get in touch with the organizers via:

Photo: Service Experience Camp

Gender equality is a topic you simply can’t ignore if you are an experience designer, event curator or workshop facilitator. We’ve all been to conferences, discussions and workshops where the panel in front of us has been made up of male guests, a male moderator and (maybe) one woman.

In his article “Let’s get rid of all-male panels: How to create more gender equal conferences”, Manuel Großmann from Service Design Berlin offers hands-on suggestions on how to tackle gender equality at conferences, sharing insights on how the Service Design Berlin team approaches the topic for their Service Experience Camp and how they got rid of all-male panels at their event.

7 Suggestions From the Service Experience Camp Team:

1. Have women in your founding team

2. Push for an equal amount of female speakers

3. Stick to your values

4. Pay attention to details — especially language

5. If you have to discriminate, then discriminate against men for a change

6. Be aware of gender clichés at volunteer activities

7. Get started now 


Read: Let’s get rid of all-male panels



The Creativity World Forum 2017, running from November 1 to 2 in Aarhus is promising a two-day experience of creativity. Alongside talks, the conference is offering co-creative activities and satellite events around Aarhus. 

Watch out for the “Play Your Work” exploration session with Keen On Mars that invites participants to be curious explorers and to use their imagination, skills and full creative potential to design and create their own playful organizational structure.

I’ll be around in Aarhus on Nov 1 and 2, so if you are as well, why not say hello, or ping me via Twitter or e-mail.

Check out the CWF Programme
Check out the "Play Your Work" session

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