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Experience Design News

Dear reader, I’ve been exploring some very interesting and experimental formats, far removed from familiar workshop environments or workspaces as we know them. One such example: an interactive play and a walk-in audio archive. Curious? Then keep on reading.

Events & Experiences
Yes but No

The play Yes but No by Yael Ronen and her ensemble—currently showing at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin—is an incredibly powerful and impactful experience. The play tackles the aftermath of the #MeToo movement in a highly personal way. The players discuss abuse, explore desires and boundaries, and get to the bottom of their own fears and mindfucks. They play also doesn’t simply end with an analysis of current societal structures. Instead, the ensemble dares to be visionary—a very rare thing in theater. But it’s not only this that’s unusual in the play’s approach. The  ensemble succeeds in involving the audience in a non-awkward way, both during and after the play itself. If you’d like to experience Yes but No for yourself, there are still tickets left for upcoming shows on November 25, and on December 29 and 30. 


Radiophonic Spaces

Radiophonic Spaces is a walk-in radio room, experimental archive, studio, and sound stage all in one. Its spatial design and architecture allows the audience to explore the interplay of sound and space: visitors’ movements trigger over 200 individual works of German language origin and international radio art spanning 100 years. It presents radio experiments, forms of production, and composition methods, as well as radio’s apparatuses and discourses. 

Download the detailed program here. Better yet, why not personally dive into the walk-in radio archive at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt open until December 10!



Although the Helsinki Design Lab itself no longer exists, there are still interesting resources to explore. The book In Studio—Recipes for Systemic Change is a comprehensive documentation of its former Studio Model. The Studio Model is a format that aims to bring together the right people, explore a carefully framed problem, offer a supportive place, and provide an open-ended process to craft an integrated vision and sketch the pathway towards strategic improvement. It includes an introduction to strategic design, a how-to manual for organizing and facilitating the Studio format and three practical examples of what it looks like in action. Download the book here.


Do you ever wonder about how to make the most of your meetings? This short article shares very concrete practices that help to facilitate more exciting and productive meetings. 



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