No. 04 / 2017

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Welcome back to Event Experience Design News!

In this edition, we’ll recap what happened at this year’s Digital Bauhaus Summit, introduce you to the Oui Share Fest 2017 in Paris and share an Open Source Event Kit. 

Recap: Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017
Photos: Thomas Müller

Running for two days from the 16th to 17th June in Weimar, this years Digital Bauhaus Summit investigated the topic of “being modern”.

Alongside (indoor) talks and panel discussions, the summit took place in beautiful surrounding outdoors, for example, the interactive “Modern Talking” track as well as the evening walk. Check out the recorded talks, photos and written notes in the online journal.

Besides introducing his documentary project “People of the 21st Century” in a talk, Stephan Porombka also set up a mobile photo studio for the time of the conference, to take pictures of the participants, which he then combined in a montage with works by August Sander (taken from “People of the 20th Century”). A gallery of the Digital Bauhaus Summit participants was thus created in real time.

Oui Share Fest Paris 2017 & „Zero Waste“ Conference

Every year, the OuiShare Fest Paris takes place with over 1,000 visionaries, entrepreneurs and movement builders to explore how digital technologies and a collaborative culture can address the great challenges of our time. This year’s version of the festival, which runs from the 5th to the 7th of July, will be held under the topic: “Cities of the World, Unite!” Get more info about the 2017 event as well as tickets by going to:

Committed to a collaborative society and systemic change, it’s OuiShare’s mission to reduce the amount of waste produced during the event. Although the conference industry keeps talking about “green events”, it is precisely in the conference sector itself where convenience and scalability often outweigh efforts towards waste reduction. To change this, OuiShare organizers seek to embody their own values in their activities and strive for events that are as sustainable as possible. Find out more in the article “One Step further on the Path to Zero Waste”.

Resources: Open Source Event Toolkit

Photo: Stefano Borghi

Besides striving for a sustainable event, OuiShare festival organizers want to open source the organization of events in general to empower communities and individuals around the world to organize their own participatory conferences. The OuiShare Fest Toolkit uses the OuiShare Fest as an example to share the knowledge and the resources on event organization found in the OuiShare community. Check out the toolkit here

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