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Dear reader, I hope you’re enjoying a summer break and are finding some time to relax and rejuvenate. If not, sit back, relax and enjoy a mini break with this edition of my newsletter. I’ve put together a selection of tools and methods that focus on attention over distraction in an age of busy.


Spaces & Experiences

Foresta Academy

Foresta Academy is an international learning community that focuses on co-creating learning experiences within the larger context of cultural transformation—all of which are rooted in values of embodied culture. Think of Foresta Academy as space exploration, improvisation and collective experimentation dedicated to the search of new forms around questions that explore how we want to live, work and learn in more sustainable, honest and creative ways. Recent Foresta workshops focused on the senses, exploring taste, sight, touch, smell and sound. Learn more about the Foresta Academy and check out their program.



The question of how to regain focus and concentration in a busy, distracted world is not a new one. I’ll bet, you’ve heard of Jocelyn K. Glei (Hurry Slowly) or Cal Newport (Deep Work, Digital Minimalism), who are both known for thinking out loud on the topic. 
Or Rob Walker for that matter, who in his book The Art of Noticing, instead of analyzing our current state of attention demolition, shares concrete exercises, prompts and games to improve focus, get curious, inspire creativity and discover a more mindful, joyful approach to life. Check out the Rob Walker interview here and find out more about his book here.


Workhacks is a book full of tools and methods that aim to improve team collaboration. In times of great and prolonged change—and seemingly never-ending transformational organizational change—workhacks promises tools that can be implemented easily at team-level. Workhack tools build on existing approaches such as scrum, Design Thinking and Holocracy, but focus on “minimally invasive” interventions to get started, for example, the Focus Time work hack during which everyone within a team agrees to one hour of silent time or not speaking to foster deep work and concentration. Find out more about additional Workhack methods and about the author Lydia Schlütken, in this interview.

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