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Dear reader, 
after a seemingly endless summer, autumn has finally arrived (at least here in Berlin!). It’s, time get cosy, time to indulge in some books or time listen to some enlightening podcasts (recommendations follow below).

Events & Workshops
House of Beautiful Business

The House of Beautiful Business is opening its doors anew from November 3-8, 2018 in Lisbon. It is a six-day conference that aims to create a unique temporary space to humanize work in the age of machines. During the six days, contributors and participants will meet at the House of Beautiful Business to create a positive vision of technology and humanity in a playful and intimate setting, and to develop frameworks, rituals, and practices for a more beautiful way of doing business. Alongside talks and excursions, participants have the opportunity to experience and enjoy museum visits, theater, a music studio, games, a dinner with a special toast on a shared theme, and a silent party. 

If you would like to participate, be quick! There are only a few remaining one-day passes for the final day on November, 8 that offers access to 17 hours of talks, performances, experiences, and conversations. 


Spaces & Experiences
Retreat out of Berlin

If you are located in Berlin and seek to temporarily leave the city for a workshop, retreat or a different kind of gathering set in beautiful natures, you might like to check out Projektraum Drahnsdorf located about 60 km south of Berlin. Alongside private accommodation, they offer several team and event spaces as well as a garden. You can also choose to cook for yourself or book local catering.


Tools & Resources 

Whatever industry or field you are working in, the Podcast Hurry Slowly is a great source for inspiration to improve your productivity and how to pace yourself in the busy, busy times we’re living in. I especially recommend the episodes with Craig Mode (on how to work and write in a highly concentrated way), Jason Fried (on autonomy and scheduling your time) and Alex Pang (on the 4-hour workday).

The short guide Effective workshops by Alison Coward is a great resource that effectively summarizes the purpose of workshops. It includes how to design, organize and facilitate workshops as well as how to follow up. It’s a short read that works well if you’re looking for an introduction on how to run workshops or if you want to challenge the way you currently design and facilitate workshops. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics that should be covered please drop me an e-mail!

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