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With each issue we will provide updates on all things Devour (DPAY, DevourGO, The Industry Collection).  We also will provide industry news from the world of web3 and that of the restaurant/hospitality Industry.  This newsletter is to inform, educate, and entertain. 

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Meet Devour

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3 are rapidly entering every industry including the Restaurant world. 

As with all new technology for some there is confusion, others curiosity, and with many a belief in the power of it to elevate the guest experience. 

Through countless conversations and deep dives into web3 technology, the team at Devour has glimpsed the future. Next-level guest engagement is nearly here. Devour's mission: to connect Fans & Brands to Restaurants through the power of web3.  

If this talk of web3 is leading you to think of VR goggles and highly immersive video games, you're not alone. However, that is not where the impact of web3 begins!
Future generations are trending toward web3 technologies because it allows them to experience the communities and brands they love wherever they go, on their terms. This attraction transcends cool digital art and new games.

Within the restaurant industry, Devour uses web3 to provide restaurants the opportunity to engage and attract guests like never before through collaborations and tailored access based on guest interests. The technology of the future is here and the order volumes will make every day feel like Mother's Day for many restaurants.  Are you ready?
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Step into the Future 

Launching soon, DevourGO will be unlike any other food ordering marketplace. It will bring web3 communities and restaurants together. 

Pay with cryptocurrency, be recognized for your web3 community and brand affiliations (NFTs), and gain access to new experiences, dining options, and more. 

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Devour DPAY

DPAY is the DevourGO Payment & Rewards Token. Allowing you to pay & earn rewards at restaurants like a VIP!

Devour's brand and restaurant partnerships will allow us to curate special experiences that will only be available via DPAYBack rewards.
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Upcoming Events - Devouring Web3

Do you enjoy engaging conversation about amazing customer experiences with an infusion of technology?  Do not miss these events.  We are inviting innovative leaders in the restaurant industry to join in the discussion. 

This is your chance to sit back and gain some knowledge, share some laughs, and hear how other brands are working to reward their most loyal fans and create the next great customer experience. 

In the past we have featured Alonso Castaneda of Savory Restaurant Fund,  Dani Kimble of Menches Bros, Jon Sherman of Sticky’s, Barry Herbst of The Elliot Group, Skip Kimple of Constrata, and Brandon Barton of Bite.  

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Starbucks is entering the Web3 space.  Their “Odyssey” program is one that will make other companies take notice.  This article from coindesk: “Can Starbucks Bring Web3 into the Mainstream?” is a great take on how Starbucks is introducing this program. 
We love this article because it gives the reasons why Starbucks is likely to get it right with this program, but is honest that they'll have challenges to overcome to move the program forward. TLDR: The program adds to, not replaces, their current successful program. It's a good fit with millennials and Gen-Z, a key demographic for Starbucks, and they're also using a top-notch user interface. This approach should allow them to harness the true value of the technology and build through the headwinds of speculators and the eventual need for the program's profitability.
DevourGO will help restaurants that do not have the resources of Starbucks to enter into this new world and engage the next generation of guests.  It is an exciting time to be building restaurant technology!
Devour is committed to giving back to those who make restaurants run.  With over 11 million people employed in the U.S. restaurant industry, doing our part to enrich their lives is an important part of who we are. 

We are pleased to announce through The Industry NFT Collection we have donated to the following organizations:  National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Children of Restaurant Employees, Southern Smoke Foundation, and Serving Those Serving. 

Through these organizations, apprenticeships, scholarships, grants, and mental health care is available to restaurant workers.  
The emergence of web3 has ushered in a new commitment to community.  Building a place where people can come together for a common purpose and share ideas, hopes, dreams, and laughs.  The Devour community is just that place. 

From Australia to California to Germany, Nigeria, and all over the world, strangers have come together to form a virtual family.  People who truly support one another, love to talk about restaurants and web3 and who are all committed to what Devour is going to do for the industry and beyond.  

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