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April 2022


The Chicago Plan Commission has delayed the authorization to negotiate a sale of the old Northtown Library since WRCO, other organizations and residents have raised questions surrounding this sale. There has been a lack of transparency, communication and community involvement in the sale of this City owned public building. While authorization was on the March 17th Plan Commission agenda, that did not make sense as the Department of Planning and Development had issued an invitation for proposals with a deadline of March 31. We will keep you informed as further information and updates are available.  

To avoid such confusion and lack of transparency in the future, WRCO is planning to meet with Ald. Silverstein to propose a process through which community residents will have knowledge of and input into decisions regarding land use and developments in the 50th Ward. Most of the city's wards have either a process of notification or a committee that advises the alderperson on matters of zoning, land use and development.  

 To show your support for creating a process in the 50th Ward please sign the petition below.  

Sign the Petition 



विकास में समुदाय को शामिल करें। 

कैलिफ़ोर्निया एवेन्यू पर पुरानी नॉर्थटाउन लाइब्रेरी की लंबित बिक्री के बारे में जानकर वेस्ट रिज समुदाय के निवासी हैरान रह गए। WRCO (वेस्ट रिज कम्युनिटी ऑर्गनाइजेशन) शहर के स्वामित्व वाली इमारत की बिक्री में पारदर्शिता, संचार और सामुदायिक भागीदारी की कमी से बहुत निराश था।  

WRCO एल्डरमैन सिल्वरस्टीन को ज़ोनिंग, भूमि उपयोग और विकास के मामलों पर सलाह देने के लिए एक प्रक्रिया स्थापित करने या एक समिति स्थापित करने का प्रस्ताव दे रहा है। शहर के अधिकांश वार्डों में विकास निर्णय लेने से पहले अपने समुदाय के निवासियों को शामिल करने के लिए प्रक्रियाएं हैं।  

अपने समुदाय के विकास में निवासियों को सूचित करने और उन्हें शामिल करने के लिए 50वें वार्ड में एक पारदर्शी, खुली प्रक्रिया स्थापित करने के लिए अपना समर्थन दिखाने के लिए नीचे हस्ताक्षर करें। 

हस्ताक्षर करें 

Sign the Petition 

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If the City Council can not reach 41 votes for a map, we will be voting on June 28th in a referendum. The two choices currently on the ballot are the Chicago United Map which comes out of the Rules Committee and the People's Coalition Map. The United Map is a very gerrymandered map breaking up West Ridge into representation by 3 wards; the 49th, 50th and the 40th. The People's Map which came out of the Independent Redistricting Commission will most likely not be on the ballot.  

WRCO plans to hold a community meeting in early June if a referendum vote is to take place. We want to provide residents with the information they need to make an informed choice. This remap will determine who represents us in the City Council for the next 10 years.  

Go to Chicago's Wards to view the proposed maps. Scroll down to see the Chicago Ward Maps Collection to compare and analyze the maps. Click the icon in the top left corner to select which map(s) you want to view and zoom into your neighborhood to see how it would be represented, OR click “View Larger Map” in the top right-hand corner to be able to search an address. 


Thursday, June 9 at 7PM


Focus Groups: Spring 2022 

The Western Avenue Corridor Study team hosted geographically-based focus groups in March 2022 to discuss short- and long-term opportunities with neighbors, business owners and other stakeholders who know the areas intimately. These small group conversations were venues to collectively discuss the trade-offs for potential transportation, development, and urban design recommendations, examining the corridor a few blocks at a time. The comments and ideas from participants will help inform a set of draft recommendations that will be shared with the broader public for additional feedback in coming months. 

The study team produced a set of summary slides that synthesizes the main takeaways for each focus area discussion.  Click on the above link and go to slides 18 and 19 for ideas expressed by West Ridge participants. 


Sunday, May 15th West Ridge Artists is hosting the premier of Mirko Popadic's film Staying Afloat: Swmming in the Time of Covid at Chicago Filmmakers, 1326 W Hollywood from 2-5.  There will be music provided by folk artist Leah Shoshanah, food and several films.  Mirko Popadic is Producer and Director; Aldas Gubaras, Co-Producer with music performed by David Hoppe,  Danny Hoppe and Leah. 


Mandala South Asian Performing Arts, which connects audiences and students with the vibrancy, flavors, and colors of the performing arts traditions of South Asia, presents its fourth annual Mandala Makers Festival June 16–26, returning to in-person performances after two years of digital programming. 
The festival features nationally recognized and emerging artists who reside in the community in and around Devon Avenue, a hub for immigrants and members of the South Asian diaspora. “One of the festival’s goals is to amplify voices and draw attention to the generations of artists, communities, and culture in the neighborhood to promote positive change through better representation of and advocacy for artistic communities of color,” said Mandala Associate Artistic Director Ashwaty Chennat, who is curating the festival. 

We are looking for volunteers for registration and info booths during the 10-day event.  To volunteer or learn more about supporting the festival reach Ashwaty Chennat at  


A Misericordia bakery and cafe opens April 26th in West Ridge, creating an off-campus spot where fans of the charity’s baked goods can grab a sweet treat and coffee. 

The Misericordia Hearts & Flour Bakery and Cafe, 6130 N. Ravenswood Ave., will also feature a drive-thru lane, fulfilling a goal of Sister Rosemary Connelly, the charity’s longtime executive director. It’s just a few blocks south of Misericordia’s campus, which serves more than 600 residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

JOIN WRCO TODAY TO SUPPORT THE WORK WE ARE DOING IN WEST RIDGE. WRCO is a 501c3 non-profit organization so your dues and contributions are tax-deductible under the extent of the law.
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