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Election Eve is Finally Here!

We've put in the work and it's almost time to sit back and take a deep breath.

For many of us it's been 2 years of engagement unlike ever before, and we've met amazing new people, formed great alliances and learned more about NC politics than we thought possible. 

For others who have been in this game much longer, we salute you and have a greater appreciation for your persistence and experience. 

And for those just getting your feet wet and looking to become more engaged and aware, welcome. It's a worthy cause to protect our democracy!

We don't know what tomorrow will bring, and after 2016 it's a pretty safe bet that we should just keep our noses down tomorrow and work the polls, knock on doors and continue to encourage friends and neighbors and strangers to vote tomorrow without prognosticating on what may be. Finish strong! 

If you are volunteering tomorrow, thank you! If you can't volunteer but have time to swing by a voting site, show some support to the workers there with a high five and maybe some chocolate or pizza! And reach out to your candidate through their email or social media and let them know they have your support. They've been working extra hard too, with many of them called back for session after session as well.

Election Trackers

Once the polls close at 7:30 you can track the results at Flip NC's awesome online tracker for all 120 House races and 50 Senate seats. They have done some amazing work this year! 

Twitter followers can always search #ncpol or #ncga and stay up to date on all the live activity. 

The Atlantic has a twist on election tracking, and is following the women running in Congressional races. It's a historic year with more than 250 women on the ballot across the country for the 116th US Congress.

Politico is tracking the Congressional races by state, and shows NC with two toss ups to watch - NC02 and NC09 with an eye on NC13 also. 

Come Wednesday we will all be ready for a break, but don't forget that the General Assembly will be back in session Nov. 27th so please mark your calendar to come to Jones St. if possible, or follow along with us to see what they get up to in the lame duck session. 

How Early Voting Broke All Records For a Blue Moon MidTerm

With over 2.1 million votes already cast in early and mail in voting, we are just shy of a 30% turnout so far! Weather looks good in the morning, with a chance of showers mid day and hopefully some clearing by the evening. But don't let that distract you! Bring an umbrella, a rain coat and a smile and join your fellow superheroes in line. 

For a complete breakdown of all of the early voting data, see this post from Old North State Politics. 

One positive looking chart shows Dems up +4 over their voter registration pool of 38%, with Republicans turning out at the same 30% rate, and Unaffiliateds underperforming their voter registration pool of 31% by 4pts.

But as Dr. Michael Bitzer points out, a lot of older, rural, white Democrats often vote Republican, so there's really no telling what it all boils down to. But it's a hopeful chart!

You can also break down the early voting analysis with these summaries from Democracy NC, and also from the News & Observer

One Final Push Against the Constitutional Amendments

We put together a short slideshow to remind people that the right to vote has always been demanded, and never freely given. Every time a new US Amendment has been passed expanding the voting franchise to a new block of people, there has been pushback in various forms. In the mid-60's it was Freedom Summer and Bloody Sunday, and in the 2000's we saw extreme gerrymandering and suppressive VoterID tactics. 

3 of the Constitutional Amendments on the ballot could affect voting rights in NC. Take one final moment to share this link on your social media or send an email to some friends who haven't voted yet, and ask for their vote against these amendments.

Voter Hotline - For Questions or to Report a Problem

No Call is Too Small!

Do You Have Events to Share With Us?

We are updating our web calendar with events for the fall and want to hear from you! If you know of publicly posted events please email us a link!
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